Keeping Your Reputation Safe From Trolls

The internet has changed the way your reputation can change and the speed at which it happens. Prior to the current prominence of the internet the reputation of a business generally came from the perceptions its customers formed and what customers said about that company. With the advent of review websites and apps like Yelp and people who have never used the services of your company can comment on your company and quickly affect the reputation of your company.To protect your company you’re going to have to control your online reputation and keep an eye of attempts to tarnish your reputation.

Keep Track Of Everything

According to, the most important step to take when trying to defend your online reputation is to keep track of every mention of your name online. If someone is mentioning your name in a blog or in a tweet you will want to keep an eye on that. Damage to your company’s reputation can come from just about anywhere. Perhaps someone writes an exaggerated review using an app to help customers chose the right restaurant. It’s up to you to correct the trolls and prevent them from harming your reputation.

Keep An Online Presence

The best way to improve your online reputation is to counter trolling with your own online presence. This presence should in a form that your potential customers will understand, such as a blog or twitter account. Use your social media to deliver a positive message about your company and promote testimonies from satisfied customers. While you can’t always chase down and discredit every troll on the internet, you can give make sure you message overpowers them.

Focus On The Important Things

Online reputation management should focus on the most important bad press your company is getting. A bad review posted on a highly trafficked blog is going to cause much more harm than any random troll on Youtube. It isn’t economic or practical to try to branch out your presence to everywhere possible on the internet. If you have a food catering business, then the focus of your reputation management should be on websites with dining reviews. Focusing on putting a positive presence in instagram is not going to help you much.