A Look At The Charities The DeVos Family Funds

The DeVos family of Grand Rapids, Michigan has become one of the top donors to conservative causes and faith based Christian right organizations. This family now is on par to be as big a donor and as influential as the Koch Brothers, the Bradley family and the Coorse family. The source of the fortune of the DeVos family is the direct selling and marketing company Amway which was co-founded by the elder Richard DeVos in his Grand Rapids, Michigan basement.

Here is a short list of what groups and causes the DeVos family funds and backs. The family backs anti-union policies at the state level and tax breaks at the state and federal level. Conservative think tanks are a major benefactor of the DeVos family. They include the American Enterprise Institute, The Heritage Foundation and the Council For National Policy. Additional groups the DeVos family funds is the Acton Institute, the National Organization For Marriage, the Federalist Society, Americans For Prosperity, Focus On The Family and Mackinac Center For Public Policy in Michigan.

Who Is Dick DeVos?

Dick DeVos or Richard DeVos Jr. is one of the many children of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos Sr. Richard DeVos is currently the president of the Windquest Group. This is a holding company that owns and operates many DeVos family ventures and investments. Windquest Group primarily looks after holdings in Michigan but also has holdings across the United States as well.

Richard Devos Jr. or Dick DeVos also served as president of Amway Corporation for a time before stepping down to become the president of the Windquest Group instead. His brother Douglas is the current president of Amway right now instead. Dick DeVos even served as chairman of the Orlando Magic for a time, before stepping down. Another brother Daniel DeVos is now the chairman instead of him at the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. Dick’s wife Betsy was a former chairwoman of the Republican Party in Michigan and also serves as a chairwoman at the Windquest holding group.

The Philanthropy of Dick DeVos

Dick and his wife Betsy are major patrons of the arts, education and faith based charity groups. He and his wife donate to numerous charities through their foundation called the Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation which endows charities with millions of dollars each year. Dick and Betsy donate to the public university located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and help promote charter schools throughout the country. They have donated money to Kennedy Center for the performing arts in Washington D.C. and help organize artistic competitions in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Focus on the Family receives strong endowments from the Dick and Betsty DeVos foundation. The pair also support the funding of homeless shelters in Grand Rapids as well.