Squaw Valley Ski Resort Avoids Two Major Hurdles: CEO Andy Wirth Expresses Relief


A recent article published in the Reno-Gazette Journal details how two crucial burdens for Squaw Valley ski resort in Lake Tahoe’s Olympic Valley have been lifted.

For the past four years, this ski resort has faced difficult challenges from both the natural and political worlds. The recent drought in this region has put a great strain on the ski resort, and political agitators promoting the incorporation of Olympic Valley worried officials at Squaw Valley resort.

Recently, however, this ski resort has experienced a few early season storms and unusually cold temperatures. This atypical weather has allowed Squaw Valley resort to open up early and drum up much needed business.

Also, the supporters of incorporation movement have formally withdrawn their proposal to incorporate Olympic Valley.

Both of these recent events have put Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., in a much better state of mind.

Wirth noted that the incorporation project would have been a significant drain for Olympic Valley’s businesses. If the motion to incorporate went through, Wirth feared there would be a great increase in taxes on local business as well as on residents. This would have made the area far less profitable, since services like road maintenance and snow plowing would have been cut. The incorporation would have effectively cut off Olympic Valley from the rest of the north shore community.

And Wirth should know what he is talking about. Adventure sports and park ranging are in his blood. According to his official website, Wirth worked at Rocky Mountain National Parks as a backcounty ranger. He then went on to work at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986. He continued with this company for over 20 years, and was eventually moved to the position of Chief Marketing Officer for their parent company Intrawest.

Wirth left this position in 2010 and moved to become the CEO of Squaw Valley’s ski resort. He was able to increase Squaw Valley’s popularity by investing heavily in renovation projects, as well as acquiring Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in the area.

Wirth is also involved in philanthropic ventures. Wirth supports community and environmental organizations in Lake Tahoe, all with the intention of making Squaw Valley and its surrounding environs the best they can possibly be for visitors. Wirth also founded an Ironman team to support the Navy SEAL foundation.