Beneful dog food is second to none when it comes to health and flavor

With so many choices of dog food at the Wal-Mart these days choosing a brand your dog will benefit most from seems almost overwhelming. Well I can tell you from personal experience that no dog food is superior to Beneful. With their incredible nutritious value and market competing prices I’m surprised any one buys any other brand. It’s like someone selling a Ferrari for the same price as an old fixer upper. My dogs and I agree that Beneful is the Ferrari of dog food. I’d like to tell you about some of their products and deals so you can start making the most Beneficial choices for you pets with Beneful. Firstly I’d like to tell you about Beneful original dry dog food with real chicken. I have used this particular dog food in Bo’s diet (my dog) for many years now. I started buying it from Amazon in college for it’s affordable price and stayed with the original because my dog preferred it over anything I put in front of him (I did many tests)! Then there’s the Beneful dry dog food with salmon. Another interesting flavor that my dogs can’t get enough of, I tend to fluctuate between this and the chicken flavor. It’s worth adding that Beneful uses real salmon in their recipe and not some byproduct like most other companies. There’s also a puppy formula (Beneful healthy puppy dry dog food). It has real chicken as well and is scientifically formulated to make your new addition grow strong and healthy. I’ve seen many puppies raised on this formula and they tend to do better than their counterparts raised on different formulas.Lastly I wanna tell you about Beneful’s wet chopped blends dog food []. With peas, carrots, beef, and barley being among the main ingredients, your dog is sure to be hooked and coming back for more! It’s a great formula for small dogs because the pieces are chopped into more manageable pieces for dogs with smaller mouths. Thanks Purina for keeping my dogs healthy and happy with your Beneful brand!