Venezuela Sees No Way To Go On

Known as one of the leaders in oil production, Venezuela was once a beautiful country full of picture perfect landscapes, diversity, culture, and wonder. Today, this country is falling. It is a sad scene in the daily news as citizens protest and rally against their socialist leader Nicolas Maduro who has driven the country past the point of no return. Electricity is scarce, food is diminishing, local business are collapsing due to incredibly high rates on importing goods to create products, and the government offices are only function a few partial days per week. See a news video on outlining this and showing the daily expectations for those living in this country.

Malnutrition is at an all time high rate for the country according to, the entire healthcare system has collapsed leading to a scarcity in necessary medications, store shelves are empty, and no one knows what to do.
Some are asking how this happened to a country that once had it all, and the answer is simple, socialism. The government had their hands in everyone’s pockets, and eventually, this led to a complete and total collapse explained by expert Jose Figueroa. As the country began to have trouble funding their needs due to the decline in oil prices, the country’s prime moneymaker, the inflation rates began to grow causing businesses to have to raise prices to ridiculous highs to cover the cost of importing supplies. People can’t meet these prices and are forced to stop buying, but there is only so much you can let go. People are looking for food and water to feed their families, not lavish lobster meals.
All this goes on while the rich continue to live their lavish lifestyles unaffected by the decline of the country. They have extravagant meals, their stores are full, they enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in their comfortable homes. But this is just a small faction of the country, most are rioting and looking for food, hoping for water, and learning to live without things that were once thought to be necessities like electricity and medical care.