The Quickest Line to the Money has a weekly series highlighting successful persons in business. The segment is called “Secrets of Success.” In a recent weekly spotlight, highlighted the successful Darius Fisher.


After a career as a political consultant and copywriter, Darius Fisher quit his day job to become a full-time entrepreneur. In his efforts he co-founded the company Status Labs. Darius, through Status Labs helps people and companies realize their online presence and help to fix or improve negative branding found online surrounding different people or those companies. Often Darius coaches clients to become more proactive in recognizing their online presence and making it a positive influence.


Darius Fisher also ensures that his company also takes on clients that do not bring a bad reputation to his own company. The purpose of Status Labs is to understand that every story has more than what news agencies report. His company attempts to help give their clients a second chance at a positive public image.


In “Secrets of Success,” spoke with Darius about his success and how he came about creating Status Labs. Darius indicated that as soon as he quit his job as a copywriter, he was able to focus entirely on his entrepreneurial career. Since the creation of Status Labs, his company has helped politicians, Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, and athletes to repair any negative online presence.


Status Labs uses various avenues including social media and Google search to find the negative image their clients may have and then work with and coach them to improve that presence. In his efforts to become a self sustained entrepreneur, Darius once embraced the advice, “Find the quickest line to the money.” This mindset allowed Darius to focus on selling the business and avoid everything else that fails to contribute to the growth of the business.


Though Darius graduated Vanderbilt University with honors, when he was a kid he wanted to be a baseball player when he grew up. He wanted to be able to travel and work for himself. He has now found a business need that allows him to travel and meet with clients and work for himself.

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