How Easy It Is To Create Negative Reviews

An article on LinkedIn took on the topic of false online reviews. But what are false online reviews? False online reviews are comments made through one, or multiple, websites which are made by people who have not used the company’s services. These reviews can easily and quickly harm a business, but it is often hard for business owners to believe that fake negative online reviews exist. How easy is it, really, to review something when you haven’t even used the company or product?

As it turns out, it’s pretty easy. Let’s say that you, for whatever reason, wanted to put up a negative review about X Furniture Company. Why would you do this? Maybe you’re bored, maybe you’re hired by a competing company, there are many reasons why someone does this. The first thing that you need is a fake online persona. But how do you get this? The experts at Bury Bad Articles know that creating a fake online persona is extremely easy.

All you need is a fake email address, which is simple enough to get thanks to the many online email servers. You then go onto one, or many, review websites and create your profile. In order to make your fake reviews look accurate, you have to review other companies or businesses as well, so you do your research and put up some positive reviews about other companies.

Once you’ve done this you can then post negative reviews about any company you want. Any potential client or customer who looks at your profile will believe that you are a reliable commenter and will believe any negative reviews you post. It’s that simple. As the experts at Bury Bad Articles have seen, fake bad reviews online can quickly and easily kill a business. That’s why it’s so important to not try to deal with the problem yourself, but to hire an expert to deal with the problem for you. An expert in dealing with this type of situation knows how to remove negative reviews to help your business.