Thor Halvorssen Gives Public Backing To Bernie Sanders For President

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen recently used an appearance on “The Intelligence Report” with host Trish Regan to explain the reasons why he feels Bernie Sanders is the best choice in 2016 for U.S. President. The appearance of Halvorssen on the Fox Business channel was meant to simply provide information for the public on the real aim of socialism, including both its benefits and pitfalls; the Venezuelan born film producer took things further by explaining the reasons why he had already provided the largest possible donation to the Independent Vermont Senator’s campaign.


Thor Halvorssen began his appearance on Fox Business by explaining what socialism means to different people around the world,including an explanation of the many different ways socialism can be seen by different people in various walks of life or cultural groups. The producer of a documentary on the Hungarian uprising against socialist ideologies explained his own view that socialism can be of benefit when it is merged with other political ideologies; Halvorssen (Forbes) explained that many European and South American countries had benefited for many decades from a combination of democracy and socialist ideals.
The interview concluded with Thor Halvorssen explaining his own feeling that socialism can be a benefit to the people of a nation, but that dark forces can often use the political ideology as a disguise for their real dominating ambitions. Despite the drawbacks Halvorssen feels are present in the use of socialism he made clear to his host the fact he backed self declared Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders for President. The rhetoric of Donald Trump is seen by Halvorssen and dangerous to the future of the planet and the close relationship Hilary Clinton has formed with many dictatorships cause problems for Thor Halvorssen; after looking into the history of each candidate Halvorssen decided Bernie Sanders was the only candidate he was comfortable backing.