New England Braces for Another Round of Winter Weather

Much of the New England states are bracing for at least another foot of snow this week as a winter storm bears done on the New England states. Much of New England is still recovering from a record 100 year storm which buried many states from New England to the Mid Atlantic under several feet of snow and caused scores of winter related deaths across several states.

Winter storm Bears Down On New England

Contrary to the reports by Phil the groundhog last Tuesday, Jon Urbana and other weather experts expect a heavy winter season with deep snow and more blizzard like conditions.

The weather for Monday and Tuesday in New Hampshire is expected to play a role in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. The forecast is for light to moderate snow fall though most of the day. Poll watchers still expect a heavy voter turnout for the election and many note that this type of weather is not uncommon for New England.

The recent events of severe weather have many concerned weather global warming is playing a role or if this is just part of the cycle of bad weather. States are working at increase the ability to forecast the severity of and frequency of winter storms in hopes of preserving lives as well as property. The severity of the storms this year to date has only added more stress to the ability for institutions to project the storms that are coming each season.