The Facts behind the Outstanding Success of Xiaomi Smartphone in the Market

Since the launch of the Xiaomi Smartphone in may 2011, the market has significantly changed with this its dominance. The Chinese model is already pushing the traditional models like apple out the Brazilian markets. The new Smartphone has more to offer consumers with a significant reduction in price and an impressive quality.

The company is already ranked second in Asia with quality and price, Flavio Maluf states the facts behind the success of this new model in the Brazilian market. According to Flavio, the Smartphone captures two essential features in marketing. They include pricing and quality. The device has impressed the Brazilian market which is thirsty for smart appliances. It is also a significant improvement for Chinese products which face challenges in quality.

The other factor that propelled Xiaomi Smartphone to its current success is the company’s marketing strategy. The Xiaomi Company has a well dedicated and professional customer service team who respond timely to consumer complainants. The company offers similar technology to its competitors attracting users due to its affordable low prices.

The Xiaomi Smartphone Company also gets huge returns from peripheral devices like chargers and headsets. These returns allow the company to sponsor a huge marketing budget. The company also earns from games and items that customize its device. The company has also targeted online marketing like social forums reaching more customers. The Xiaomi brand has more online presence than its competitor brands.

The business model used by the Xiaomi Smartphone turned out a significant success against its competitor. The company focuses on online sales through its website reducing the cost of middlemen and distributors. The website is also a suitable media of communication where customers obtain necessary information related to the product. In Brazil, the company used the similar business model like that used in Asia. The Xiaomi Smartphone is one-third cheaper to Samsung and Apple models.

Flavio Maluf is a regular publisher of articles in his website related to technology and market analysis. He is the current president of the giant forest company known as Eucatex. Maluf became president of the company in 1997. He also serves as the president of Grand food.

Maluf is a mechanical engineer by profession which Wikipedia shows. He is a business administration graduate from the University of New York. Besides, he is also a family man, married to Jacqueline. They are blessed with three children. Maluf eldest daughter is a chemical engineer from a top university in Europe.  Flavio Maluf himself can be found on Facebook, to further follow his career as it happens.