DJ and Photographer Jon Urbana Inspires Passionate Living

In the world of sports, every effort counts. Losers quit when they get tired; winners quit when they’ve won and had something to show for it. Jon Urbana has made a name for himself in business, and in sports as one of the best lacrosse players and the owner of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, named one of the best camps of 2015. The former Villanova lacrosse co-captain remains a source of motivation and admiration for many who like him on Facebook since they’d like to emulate his finesse and clout in the field.
Apart from lacrosse, Jon is an established entrepreneur (see his LinkedIn page for more) quite an active participant in a number of activities which include his conference presentations, skiing, squash, flying, photography and music. He has amassed a cult following on SoundCloud where he shares his music, and at Vimeo where he shares these amazing pictures.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon is good with electronic music and uses SoundCloud as a platform to share songs he has made remixes of electronically and original tracks he has done. Jon is a big fan of philanthropy and takes some time off his regular schedule for charity. He has helped support a number of donation drives and has held crowdfunded charities for different causes.
Jon Urbana is highly accredited when it comes to flying, not just in lacrosse. And he’s also equally skilled in a number of sports. At Denver East high school, he received three varsity letters for tennis and lacrosse. In 2002, he was selected as the top rookie, 2004 he was named the Defensive player of the year with All-America honors. With such a substantial background in the sport, Jon takes the time to mentor young kids in lacrosse through Next Level Lacrosse, which Jon Urbana founded back in 2011. He is also a co-founder of Ellipse USA, a dermatological firm that specializes in laser and IPL solutions.
Jon Urbana is incredibly active on social media. His WordPress page is a hub of activity where he shares things he loves doing. As mentioned before, Jon has a talent for music and uses his WordPress blog to express his views and share music with his followers. Jon’s WordPress is brought to life with vivid pictures of excellent cuisine bringing out a deeper lying passion for food. The dishes portrayed on his page range from intricately prepared meals such as a recent lobster post made by his brother, to simple drinks with a touch of class while you listen to Fight Between Bosses.

Jon has an eye for photography and expresses it openly on his blog. Jon Urbana’s About Me page is filled with highly detailed expressions of food and other things he comes across daily, captured in high resolution. Jon is also good at video editing and shares his videos through his WordPress page. He also shares links to his official YouTube via the blog for his viewers to subscribe for more videos.

It’s indeed a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together. Passion is the key that drives motivation and leads to success, philanthropic work via GoFundMe, and so much more. Jon Urbana has made a living out of his passion and has done it in a way that’s worth mentioning.