With the black Friday fast coming in, everyone is anxious for the business that will offer the best deal. The FreedomPop company has come up with such offers with discounts as low as $40 for Motorola E Smartphone. The offer will save a staggering $190 for the customer. If that is not enough, the best offer falls for Samsung S4 users who will save up to $350 for the device. It will cost $100 on the black Friday offers. The devices are refurbished but still have much life left. Considering the other benefits accompanying the product, it’s worth giving it a thought. They will have free 500 calling minutes and 500mb of free date. It’s quite an impressive offer. The first month comes with free voice calling and texting experience. The devices will include support for LTE services running the sprints domestic network.


The company is keen to partnering with other major partnerships to grow its business. Currently, it only operates the whole sale business in the US. It’s planning to partner with the Axiata group that has over 230 million customers in Asia. The company is also set up to roll the Smartphone devices early next year. The devices will run on Intel Sofia’s platform. It’s a significant shift of business from distribution to manufacturing business. Thanks to an estimated $10 million investment funding advanced by Intel capital.


Announcing the Black Friday offers, the company’s CEO Mr. Stephen Stokols ruling an early acquisition of the wholesale giant by other companies. Although he agreed that several companies have proposed to acquire or freedom merger pop, he confirmed at least two years could be earliest possible. The company has been a well exponential grown presenting an opportunity first to increase its value. The CEO acknowledged the companies change of focus from wholesaling to manufacturing. It has already considered several major players in the industry with its plans.


The company is considering it’s more beneficial to engaging in a more strategic commercial partnership than giving up early to merger and acquisition. The company’s growth statistics for the last years are a good indication that it has potential and ability to grow. The company has indicated a two year period in increasing value business before they revisit the option of re-selling.


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