Use EOS Lip Balm Products To Protect Your Lips

Your lips make up a significant part of your facial beauty. Are you wrestling with dull dry lips? EOS lip balm products provide a 100% all natural lip balm that is guaranteed to leave your lips feeling silky smooth. They work deep within your skin tissue to protect your lips from the damages of smoking and the harmful effects of intense seasonal elements. EOS lip balm products are being trusted by thousands of women for their equal balance of moisture and flavor. Say goodbye to your old lip balm and transform your lips with the benefits of EOS lip balm.

Discover The Benefits Of EOS Lip Balm Products

Evolution of Smooth is popular among young women and adults because it is known for having superior protection with organic ingredients that include jojoba oil and shea butter. They guarantee your lips will feel super smooth with each use. You can protect your lips from unhealthy lip balm products with harsh byproducts. EOS lip balm products are infused with all natural ingredients that have been used for centuries. Shea butter is widely known for protecting the skin. You will be amazed with their delectable flavors and will want to try each one. For more info, visit

Evolution Of Smooth

– Mint kisser

– Acai

– Blueberry

– Wildberry

– Purple Sorbet

– Almond Milk

– Lemon Drop

– Original EOS

and much more, see for full list.

You can retain your youthful luster with your lips by utilizing all natural ingredients. Products like Evolution of Smooth are hypoallergenic and cruelty free. Don’t mistreat your lips with products that have ingredients that you can’t pronounce or cost a fortune. You will begin to love the way the skin on your skin looks and feels. You’re invited to visit the Evolution of Smooth website or for more products and promotional offers. You’re also encouraged to visit the EOS Facebook page.


Securus Technologies corrects some statements in GTL’s press release

Securus Technologies, one of the top tech companies in the criminal and justice department, responded to a recent press release. Securus had reasons to believe that most of the statements made in the press release were inaccurate. The tech firm pointed out up to six anomalies in various statements made by GTL.

This firm’s major focus was, however, on the patent litigation approach that GTL chose to go with. According to Richard Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, the “scorched earth” litigation approach lacks logic. He states that a normal patent litigation process would take too much time. A lot of funds would also have to be pumped in. Rick makes it clear that the company will still give the process the seriousness it deserves, despite the fact that the process doesn’t make sense. Securus will keep asserting its own patents.

About Securus Technologies

Securus technologies was formed so as to incorporate tech into the criminal and justice system. The company, based in Dallas, Texas, is tasked with providing technological solutions in almost every aspect of the correctional system. Part of their work includes monitoring products and services, managing incidents, providing emergency response and inmate self-service among much more. Recently, the company introduced the video visitation technology into most correctional facilities. Currently, Securus has provided its services to over a million inmates in different facilities. .

Due to its exemplary performance, the company managed to get the best accreditation from the BBB. Rick Smith, the company’s CEO, credited this to the fact that the company manages to stick to its word. In a press release, the CEO stated that the company is unlike its competitors who tend to make exaggerated statements about their capabilities; statements that they can’t live up to.

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How EOS Emerged in The Lip Balm Market

The lip balm market has proven to be a more exciting field in recent years than anyone thought, partly due to the emergence of an startup competitor, EOS, who revolutionized the lip balm industry. How they were able to do so was detailed out for the frost time in an article in Fast Company.

The co-founders of EOS lip balm targeted the lip care industry due to some attractive features of the industry. Namely these attractive features were a lack of competitive innovation between the major competitors in the industry. Chapstick and Blistex were the two largest competitors in the industry and both were innovating by lowering product prices rather than in innovating their products. As a result the consumers of lip balms were rather lukewarm and u excited about their lip balms and this left room for a new and nimble competitor to enter the market.

EOS decided to listen to their customer base by first discovering what that base was looking for in their lip balms. They started by Target a niche portion of the market, women, and designing a product that reached that component. EOS designed lip balm that were in new colorful applicator orbs, which were made from higher quality ingredients that were organic and all natural, and which came in good tasting and exciting flavors that women enjoyed to apply.

The result of this was rapid market growth and capturing a major portion of the lip balm market for lip balm. This is true even though EOS charged a premium price for their lip balm. Now EOS sells over a million orbs of lip balm a week and sells more than $250 million of balm a year. Listening to their customer base truly led to success for EOS and let them emerge as a major player in the lip balm market.

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CEO Jose Borghi is Steering Mullen Lowe to a Leading Ad Agency in the Brazilian Advertising Circles

Jose Borghi attended the PUCCampinas and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Publicity. Standard Ogilvy started his advertising career at Standard Ogilvy back in 1989. During his tenure as an employee of Talent, DM9/DDB, and FCB, Borghi developed some of the award-winning advertising campaigns such as Carlinhos, Microsoft, Parmalat, and Mamiferos. He joined Leo Burnett as creative director and president in 1999. His effort paid off, and he ascended to the executive president of the agency back in 2001. While serving as the president of the Leo Burnett, Borghi led a team of professionals in the development of successful campaigns for Fiat, BankBoston, and Frescarini.

Jose Borghi becomes an innovator

Towards the end of 2002, Jose Borghi unveiled his agency known as Borghierh. In December 2006, Borghi agreed to merge his company with Lowe + Partners, an internationally acclaimed network. Borghi was named the Joint CEO of the Agency. In July 2012, he became the executive chairperson of BORGHI/LOWE. Borghi has pocketed several high profile acknowledgments and accolades due to his ability to develop excellent advertising campaigns. For example, the Brazilian Advertising Professionals Association selected him as the Agency Professional of the year in 2009. Archive Magazine featured him as the most awarded advertising guru. Jose Borghi capitalizes on his innovativeness and unsurpassed professional ability to oversee the strategic direction Mullen Lowe Brasil.

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About Mullen Lowe Brasil

In line with the mission of incorporating Lowe network into the unique Mullen Lowe Group, Borghi/Lowe has transformed into Mullen Lowe Brasil. Changes at the management level are also being made as a strategy for driving the momentum of the newly formed Mullen Lowe Group. For instance, Andres Gomes, who served as the VP of the Rio de Janeiro service center, joins CEO Jose Borghi as the co-CEO. Jose Borghi will be in charge of developing innovative strategies for advertising and overseeing the investment plan of the agency. On the other hand, Andre Gomes will focus on managing the day-to-day activities of the company. Other than the leadership changes and rebranding, Mullen Lowe will close the Brasilia-based office and divert its full attention to flagship offices based in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Global expansion

The Mullen Lowe Group has established itself as an authority in the Brazilian advertising arena. The group has also tried to establish influential territories in the UK and the United States. The agency handles advertising for top clients such as Harley Davidson, General Motors, Ikea, Western Union, and Royal Caribbean.

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Bruce Levenson – Atlanta Hawks Former Owner Sells Team

Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. Recently as reported by ESPN, he decided upon selling the NBA team in order to focus on other areas of his life. The former owners of the team have also made the news over a lawsuit was filed against the insurance company which was contracted with by the Atlanta Hawks. As a result of this lawsuit, a formal complaint was made in court against the insurance company. This lawsuit was due to workplace claims made by the former general manager of the team.

Bruce Levenson has had a highly successful career, in addition to being the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. His success came from being the owner of the United Communications Group, which was a media conglomerate. They helped provide companies with the information they needed on oil prices. This is in addition to creating consumer-facing applications such as GasBuddy. Bruce also helped to start TechTarget, which is a company that is focused on providing marketing solutions for technology businesses.

Mr. Levenson is also a great philanthropist ( whom believes in sharing in his success with others. His I Have A Dream Foundation has helped many low-income children pursue education at the higher levels. He has even established a center for philanthropy which has helped provide guidance on philanthropic measures. He is also a major supporter of the Anti-Defamation League, which seeks to ensure that individuals are able to ensure that they are protected from discrimination on the basis of religion.

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Ricardo Tosto: The Competent Latin Lawyer

The Brazilian Legal System

Brazil is a civil law country that uses the Portuguese civil law. This law is based on statutes and has some aspects of the Roman law. The Brazilian law system is also based on codes and legislation enacted by the federal legislature. Brazil is a federal republic made of the union of states and municipalities.


The Legal Profession

The law profession is one of the most prestigious and promising professions in Brazil. As of 2013, Brazil had almost 847,921 lawyers and 197,664 law students. Brazil has law schools present in every state with Sao Paulo state producing the highest number of lawyers every year (321,885 lawyers).

The Brazilian law course goes for five years after which a candidate graduates with a bachelor’s of law. However, a graduate cannot yet represent clients in a court of law or provide legal advice. The graduate must first pass the bar examination and get approved by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (AOB) before practicing the profession.


The Order of Attorneys of Brazil

The OAB is the Brazilian bar association. It is made up of lawyers who are entrusted with the role of regulating the legal profession in the country. Graduates from a law school who wish to practice the law profession must register with the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. The organization is a private institution and is independent of the government.

The exam takes place across the country in March, August, and December and consists of 2 sections: the written test and the multiple choice test. Students who have passed the exams are eligible to be approved by the Attorneys of Brazil (AOB).


Brazilian Lawyers

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has risen through ranks to be one of the prominent lawyers in Brazil. He is the co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, a well-known law firm in Brazil. Mr. Tosto obtained his law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and another degree from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

He blends his knowledge from the two fields to represent clients and offer legal advice in areas such as administrative law, commercial law, civil law and business restructuring. He is also a distinguished writer and a public speaker on legal and political matters.

Bruce Levenson Looks To End Hawks Links With Insurance Case

Bruce Levenson is well known to fans of the Atlanta Hawks and the NBA as a whole after spending much of the 21st century as the owner of the historic NBA franchise. Levenson and his fellow members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium may have sold the Hawks to a group headed by Forbes billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler, but their ownership of the Hawks continues to drag on with an outstanding insurance claim activated by the mutual termination of the contract of general manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson is one of the best known executives in the U.S. after turning his career as a journalist into a huge success as the founder of the United Communications Group, now better known as UCG. Levenson and his fellow former Hawks owner Ed Peskowitz founded UCG in a spare room as a single oil industry newsletter in the 1970s, and have now turned the company into a real time information delivery system for various industries. The Maryland native has also looked to use the latest technology to develop new companies, including the popular GasBuddy app.

Alongside his business activities, Bruce Levenson has also looked to develop his career as a philanthropist to include a series of groups, including his commitment to the Kennedy Center for the Arts and its anti bigotry events.

The 2015 sale of the Atlanta Hawks by Levenson’s group was preceded by the mutual termination of Danny Ferry’s $18 million contract, but the group had already discussed a possible constructive dismissal claim months before the sale was completed. Bruce Levenson’s group now state they have not had any contact with insurance giant AIG and have been left with no option but to bring a legal case against AIG to bring the insurance claim to a close.


Keith Mann Helps Low-Income Students Achieve Their Academic Dreams

Dynamics Executive Search and Dynamics Search Partners CEO and founder Keith Mann recently held a fundraising event for Uncommon Schools, a program which launches and manages public schools in urban areas and focuses on the needs of low-income students. The event, which was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden in New York City, managed to raise over $22,000 for the program. The money was raised specifically for the purpose of sponsoring student testing, which would take place at the program’s newest high school facility, in Brooklyn.


The fundraiser was part of a much larger relationship that Keith Mann and his company has with Uncommon Schools. Through Dynamics Search Partners, Mann began work with the program in 2013, his goal to assist low-income students in developing skills crucial for a successful future. Prior to the fundraising event, Dynamics Search Partners had contributed $10,000 to help the new Brooklyn school meet its testing needs. In addition to providing financial support to Uncommon Schools, Mann’s company has provided work shops and educational functions for students. More recently, Mann announced the 2016 Scholarship for Professional Achievement at the Brooklyn school.


Keith Mann has been an expert in the executive search industry for more than a decade, working with alternative investment firms worldwide, assisting his clients in their needs for internal strategy, marketing and investment professionals. Mann is known for his philanthropist work as much as his business success, and in addition to his generous work with Uncommon Schools, he has contributed to several other organizations, including the NYPD.


So far the relationship between Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools has been a notable success, leading the way with its solutions to the needs of low-income students.

Accreditation for a Wonderful Company

Securus Technologies, a well known name within the information technology sector, has recently received a high level of praise from the Better Business Bureau, receiving an A+ accreditation for services rendered and quality of products. The Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoya, has stated that due to the relationship between the Better Business Bureau and his company there can be renewed steps taken to offer high levels of customer service and will also assist in the weight that written documentation from the company provides. Securus Technologies, along with this new accreditation, will allow it to attract an entire new line of customers to its doors, which is great for both parties involved.


Securus Technologies as a company is one that has met scrutiny in the past, but is due to its nominal treatment of its primary customer base; incarcerated individuals currently serving time in prison from past mistakes they have made. These individuals are normally ignored by other companies and are treated as though they are, for all intents and purposes, invisible. Securus offers these people the ability to directly communicate with their family members and loved ones over a series of different products, such as a free downloadable application that is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems. This application acts as a video chat program that allows customers to successfully communicate with their family members despite their location, allowing them to be able to bypass security checks and driving times for physical visitation purposes.


The services that Securus offers customers is a testimony to its ability to work as a customer driven business. They have offered for many years now high quality services and products to individuals that many people would not consider. This makes them not only a technology firm but also humanitarians.


Doe Deere’s Unique Take on Fashion

Doe Deere started out her career as a beauty blogger. She had her own blog and a huge following of people who loved to see the different looks that she was able to create. This translated to her being successful and gave her the chance to make sure that she was doing a lot for the beauty business. She wanted everyone to be able to see how to create and to actually create the looks that she did while she was on her blog. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to do that with the makeup that she had at her fingertips.

Since Doe Deere was so into bright and fun colors, she often had to resort to using low-quality makeup that was not the best for creating the looks that she loved. She had to use cheap makeup and makeup that was not intended for creating the looks that she loved. She soon realized that she needed to create her own makeup line if she wanted the fun colors that would work for her and would work as a part of the way that she could create makeup looks.

Ever since she was just a beauty blogger, Doe Deere has always been about breaking ridiculous rules. She does not subscribe to any fashion issues that could change the things for the way that she likes to work. She does what she wants when it comes to fashion, her style and, now, her makeup line. She knows that doing this will allow her to stay true to herself and will give her the biggest opportunity for her own unique success in the way that things work for her and for her makeup business that she offers for other people.

The makeup that Doe Deere has is all about the individual. People who want to have their own face look are able to benefit from the various colors that Doe Deere has to offer. It is something that allows people to show off, not only the looks that they love but also the colors that they want to be able to do different things. Doe Deere and her makeup line are all about individualization and the way that things can make their own makeup lives better. It is something that is great for all of the people who use the Lime Crime makeup brand.

Typical makeup brands mainly have neutral colors that are for people who just want to blend in. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is the opposite of that. It is made for people who want to stand out and who want to be able to show off the looks that they love. The colors that are included in a lot of the Lime Crime makeup looks are ones that are great for people who want to be able to look different. Buyers who use Lime Crime will be able to find anything from electric blue lipstick to banana yellow eyeshadow so that they can stand out from the crowd.

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