SahmAdrangi: Why Invest in Risky Investments

SahmAdrangi is the founder and the current chief investment officer at the Kerrisdale Capital Management, a financial institution that was established in 2009, which aims to provide financial literacy to the public and to help the investors gain more profit when investing. He noticed when he was still new to the industry that most Americans are not aware of how the stock market works, and they are not investing their money right. Most of the people are just letting their money stay inside their bank accounts, and this is what SahmAdrangi wants to change. He believes that the money should not remain inside the banks because it will not grow. He encouraged people to invest their hard-earned money in different investments types, like the stock market, bonds, hedge funds, and so much more. He wanted to change the lives of so many Americans, and when he established the Kerrisdale Capital Management, the thing that he has in mind is to inform and improve the financial literacy rate of the majority of the Americans.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is presently considered as one of the most reliable and successful financial institutions in the world today. One of the reasons why the company grew so fast is the trust and the confidence that their customers and clients have in investing in the company. SahmAdrangi made a reputation in the financial world as someone who is skillful in high-risk investments, and when his clients and customers are giving him the fund that he needs, he is investing it on not so well known companies which have a high potential.

SahmAdrangi can make millions of dollars overnight, and this is the reason why his customers and clients still trust him after years of being with the Kerrisdale Capital Management. They are also responsible for the word of mouth marketing that the company enjoys. More people are signing up to become a part of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, and SahmAdrangi is welcoming everyone who wanted to learn more about investing, and he is grateful to everyone who is still putting their trust to the Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Rocketship education: Creating Stellar Support Systems.

Providing quality education is no easy task in the best of circumstances. However it is essential particularly in early education that students be given a solid foundation from which to build their knowledge. A well-educated individual is often offered far more opportunities than their uneducated counterpart. With a solid educational base they are also able to create many more opportunities for themselves. This is why many ground breaking charter schools such as Rocket ship Education chose to focus their efforts on the earliest years of education. Rocketship education is particularly successful in its mission to fight back against the achievement gap found among low income communities.

This nonprofit currently operates over 20 schools in three states as well as the District of Columbia. Their schools have also been acclaimed for their quality being listed as being in the top 10% of California schools serving low income communities. Their program is designed to address the common struggles of these communities. It is their mission to create a sustainable program that is capable of unleashing the potential of every student, regardless of their economic status. They believe the secret to achieving this is in parent power. With support from their school, family and community they know that Students will be able to achieve whatever they set their sights on.

Rocketship Education begins by creating a since of community within their school. Students are encouraged to call themselves rocketeers. They also make it mandatory that every instructor meets with parents at least once in the student’s home. This personal touch lets parents know that the teacher is interested in working with them and their child on a personal bases. It also has the benefit of allowing the instructor to get a firsthand idea of what the child’s unique challenges and strengths are. In partnership with the parent instructors are able to build customized plans of instruction for each student. Every Rocketeer is taught in a way that is most excisable to them, ensuring that everyone has the tools they need to succeed. With comprehensive support from school and family Rocketship education may just succeed in their quest to eliminate the achievement gap.

A Brief Look at the Impressive Career Profile of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal works at Crispin Porter & Bogusky as its global Chief Executive Officer. Lori attributes her current success to the success of her older siblings. Lori Senecal was inspired by her older siblings to set higher career goals. If you analyze her success story, you would see that she achieved her career dreams. Her relentless efforts at the university earned her a degree in Sales and Marketing. She began working immediately after graduating and would turn everything that she came across into a success. You can check out her page

Over time, Lori Senecal has become talented in leading corporations in a better way than she found them. She has become popular among employers for her ability to bring out the best in companies. Her life is nothing short of a success story. In 2003, Lori Senecal used her innovation skills to spearhead the launch of TAG Ideation, a marketing unit for the youth and adults. Lori Senecal has an extensive experience in data analytics and project management. She has been privileged to work with some of the world’s famous brands such as Nabisco, Weight Watcher’s, Staples, and Xbox. She once worked at the Coca-Cola Company as the Accountant Director. From 2005 until 2008, Lori Senecal worked at DDB Worldwide Communication as the Chief Marketing Officer. Over time, she worked her way up to become the firm’s Director of the Sales and Marketing department. For more details visit media post.

After initiating the launch of TAG Ideation, McCann Erickson appointed Lori Senecal as its Accountant Management Director. In 2009, she left for Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners as the president and chief executive officer. Between 2014 and 2015, Lori Senecal was working at MDC Partners as the Managing Director. She joined Crispin Porter & Bogusky at the end of 2015 as its Global Chief Executive Officer. In April 2015, Lori was appointed to serve on the board of the Advertising Council as an independent director. It is mind-blowing to see how Lori Senecal has achieved all this in her career. As a board member of AD Council Board, Lori Senecal comes with her extensive innovative and competitive leadership skills.


About Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. McKenna is an accredited Medical Doctor with expertise in matters to do with Medicine and Abscission by the Panel of Medical Examiners from Florida and Georgia State. Apart from being a doctor, he is also a patient advocate and a community servant that is dedicated to his work. He is also an alumnus of the Medical School in Tulane University. Dr. Mark is also known to be initially from New Orleans. On clearing his training in medicine Dr. Mark McKenna used to work with his dad while he also launched an investment firm known as McKenna Venture Investments at the same time. It is boutique real property development firm. Later, McKenna started a company that came to be known as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc which employed so many individuals and offered finance, turnkey design-build, and real estate closing services. One of his lowest moments came on 29th August, 2005 when a hurricane called Katrina destroyed New Orleans and also his business properties. After the hurricane, Dr. Mark McKenna took part in building the town through building of low- moderation income housing.

In 2007 around November Dr. McKenna relocated to Atlanta where he started ShapeMed. This is a fitness and medical practice firm that was based on aesthetics that later was sold to a firm known as Life Time Fitness Company, where Dr. McKenna was serving as a Medical Director. He later on, founded OVME which is a firm that is mainly focused in reinventing the healthcare facilities.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also a father and a husband to Gianine McKenna who are both parents to Elle Milena and Ryder Pomeranian who is four years old. Dr. McKenna is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and has been seen to be a former board member of Industrial Development Board of New Orleans. To know more about him click here.

Source of the OVME idea

Dr. Mark McKenna got the idea to start his OVME firm while working in the aesthetic medical industry. After the company grew to be one of the largest aesthetic companies in America, he sold it a company that was doing trade in the public domain.

Dr. Mark admits that being a voracious reader has enabled him to be a successful entrepreneur. He also reveals that if he were given, a chance to be a start all over again, he would take his time to find his passion and not rush as he did earlier on.

Samuel Strauch- Miami Real Estate Investors Embrace Cyptocurrenncies

Bitcoin is a form of decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin is mostly traded though the internet. It can be used to buy, and sell product’s online. Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a secret coder popular known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was the first digital currency to emerge. Since then, there has been other digital currencies that have been created. However, bitcoin remains the most widely used digital currency. For one top acquire bitcoins, they must buy an item or they can exchange them for another form of currency. Bitcoins transactions are recorded on public ledger known as blockchain.

Transactions that involve bitcoins do not require third party servers. Connections are peer tro peer meaning that it takes a very short time to transact bitcoins according to Within a few minutes a transaction worth millions of dollars will be complete. This is a huge benefit given that normal bank transactions usually take a long time to complete. Another advantage that bitcoin offers is that, the charges for transferring bitcoins is very small. To transact bitcoins worth like a million dollars, the charges will be less than $10.

When compared to the bank systems, it comes out clearly that bitcoin is the better option. In the bank system to transact $100000, the charges are around $40000. So, when selling property worth like $5 million, the charges will be in excess of $100000. It is apparent for everyone that you can save a hefty ammoiunt of cash by opting for bitcoin over bank transfer.

Read more: Samuel Strauch Applauds Miami’s Real Estate Market Welcoming Bitcoin Transactions

Miami real estate sector has embraced the use of bitcoin. This is a trend that have been set by one of the home sellers in the areas called Mike Komaransky, who put up his property worth $6.5 million for sale. He want whoever gets to buy the property does so in bitcoins.

About Samuel Strauch

For anyone looking to buy a real estate property in Miami, Metrik Real Estate is the company to go to. Samuel Strauch is the principal of Metrik Real Estate. Samuel Strauch has deep experience in the real estate sector and knows what it takes to land a good property deals in Miami.

Samuel Strauch is highly learned in matter s of real estate and finance. He went to the University of Hofstra in Rotterdam, and the Harvard University. In both institutions he undertook advanced studies in real estate management as well as finance. He still in the process of making the company better.

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Kate Hudson Fabletics

Kate Hudson Changes The Look Of Athletic Wear With Fabletics

Golden Globe winning , Academy award nominated Kate Hudson who is known for her unforgettable role in the movie, “Almost Famous” playing the character of Penny Lane in 2000. These days she has crossed over to the fitness side of things, which include promoting Fabletics, her own athletic line with that was launched about 3 years ago.


Fabletics is a new brand that caters to the modern fitness customer with a user friendly app that helps the buyer fill out a style profile and picks new styles for them every month by filling in some information. It’s basically like having your own personal stylist. This is something that users like and it shows since it’s launch it’s yearly increase of 35% repeatedly year after year, making strides as the name brings in millions in revenue annually.


Kate Hudson is a strong believer in being comfortable and fashionable while you work out with good quality clothing at a fraction of the price of competitors. Her brand recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong media presence in order to succeed and reach more customers looking for a great quality product.


Amazon is one of the biggest names if not the biggest when people order online. Fabletics knows that teaming up with Amazon and branching the brand onto their platform can ensure a profitable business move. The company also has a unique way of marketing with their “reverse showroom technique” along with having activewear made for every shape and size, Hudson knows what the people are looking for.


Fabletics is making a name for itself through quality, affordability, and now thanks to Amazon it will be one of the most convenient ways to shop online. Kate Hudson’s innovative thinking with the quiz stylist which chooses stylish outfits specifically tailored to each individual based on their quiz answers making shopping easy and fun. The digital stylist appeals to the modern day shopper.


With all of this at your fingertips why not? I took it just to see what it was about and now I’m hooked to see my looks chosen by their stylist. Check out their website and take the short simple Lifestyle quiz to see what you get. With so many different styles to chose from, the combinations are endless. Modern day activewear providing great quality items at an affordable price with a millennial twist is taking over the internet and fitness community and there’s more to come.

How Lori Senecal Found Success In The Advertising Business

Growing up in Canada, Lori Senecal has older siblings who she looked up to. Seeing them achieve their goals motivated her to do the same. She is now a leader in the advertising world as the Global CEO for Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). She has over the course of her career developed into someone that brings out the best in the teams she manages. Each time she has taken a position at an advertising company she has left it in a better place than she found it.

Early in her career, Lori Senecal was responsible for thinking up and establishing TAG Ideation. This was a young-adult marketing unit of McCann Erickson. One facet of her career she has become a notable expert of is data analytics. She has used her talents to promote many brands such as Xbox, Applebee’s, Nabisco, and Sprint. Her success led to her being tapped to lead McCann Erickson Worldwide’s sales and marketing division. For more details visit Adweek.

Later on in her career Senecal joined kbs+ in New York City as their CEO and Global Chairman. While she was leading this company it developed into a company in the advertising industry that was desirable to work at because of the atmosphere she had created. When she first joined this company as its top executive it had 250 people employed. At the time she left to pursue other opportunities it had 900 people employed around the world. Check out Crunchbase to knowmore.

According to Campaignlive, as the Global CEO at CP+B Lori is responsible for overseeing the growth and expansion of the advertising agency’s international business. This company has nine international offices which need to be coordinated in order to create effective and universal advertising campaigns. She is credited with building an inventive and collaborative environment that other companies enjoy working with.

Lori Senecal has been recognized in her career in a number of ways. She was named an “Agency Executive to Watch” in 2016, and she was also credited as a “Creativity Innovator of the Year” By the industry magazine Advertising Age. Another award she has won, in 2013, was the Quantum Leap Award which was presented due to her proven leadership skills.

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Amicus Therapeutics: Passion For Biotechnology and the People It Serves

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc., founded in 2002, is a company that specializes in biotechnology and is among the leaders of advanced therapies treating an array of diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics works with a personalized medicine, known as Migalastat. This medicine treats patients with Fabry disease. In addition, the company also works with SD-101. This medicine is a promising treatment option for a rare connective tissue disease called Epidermolysis. Amicus Therapeutics uses Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy to make enzyme replacement therapies to treat issues like Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

Amicus Therapeutics uses advanced technology to create treatment options that treat mutated proteins that lead to genetic disorders ( The company and the scientists who work for the organization are fueled by their passion and dedication to finding treatments and potential cures for rare diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics is not only dedicated to research and findings but also dedicated to the patients who these treatments will benefit. The company works with patient organizations, patients, caregivers, and other professionals to provide support for people suffering from rare diseases. Amicus serves as a bridge between patients and all the resources and support they need while dealing with diseases and receiving treatment. It is their goal to assist in the healing of their disease and also healing that goes beyond rare disorders. Through education, support, and advocacy, the company works to be a top resource for patients from all areas of healing and management of diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics provides the most trusts and respect for colleagues (Indeed). Through support and understanding that everyone in all department shares responsibility, the company is able to remain unique and special in the commitment it has to the research of biotechnology and the patients it serves.


Osteo Relief Institute- Managing Osteoarthritis Without Surgery

Although arthritis is a very common condition, it’s not very well understood. Not a disease in itself, arthritis is a term referring to joint pain or joint disease in general. There are more than 100 different types and it’s estimated that more than 50 million adults in the US have some form of arthritis. Arthritis is more common in women, however joint pain and disease occurs more frequently as people get older regardless of gender. Among all causes of disability in the United States, arthritis is the leader


Osteoarthritis is the most common type, with its main characteristic being degeneration of cartridge, which is the soft tissue between the joints.

According to the Osteo Relief Institute, the main factors for the onset of osteoarthritis include being overweight, previous injuries, family history, and, of course, age. Even though osteoarthritis is degenerative and incurable. Osteo Relief Institute recommends patients make a commitment to self-management as an important component to minimize the speed and impact of the condition. There are several elements in the self-management of arthritis, and if these techniques are combined, the chances for relief are greater.


Among self-management, lifestyle changes include quitting smoking and following a weight loss regimen. Adjusting your sitting position frequently while reading, watching TV, or at work. Also, it’s important to do some mild stretching before bedtime to feel less stiff in the morning.


Regarding exercise, choose routines that will build muscle around your joints but not putting stress on the joints themselves. Low-impact exercises such as walking, cycling, and swimming will not only aid in weight loss, but will also improve mood.


Most importantly, Osteo Relief Institute is here to help you along the way, including the latest physical therapy and medical options, so the patient can manage their Osteoarthritis as best as possible.


When it comes to osteoarthritis, finding a good doctor is priority One. The Osteo Relief Institute is committed to helping patients avoid surgery with safe and effective treatments that require little downtime. Osteo Relief Institute uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to give a patient lasting pain relief.


Headquartered in San Diego, each Osteo Relief Institute office is independently owned and operated with locations throughout the US.

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Eli Gershkovitch CEO of Steamworks Brewery

Craft beer makes up about 10% of the Canadian beer market. It is becoming a rapidly growing market. There are currently 520 craft beers in Canada. Ontario, British Columbia, and Albert have most of the craft beer breweries in Canada. The first modern craft brewery in Canada was Horseshoe Bay Brewery on Vancouver founded in 1982. Each province has shown a steady increase in craft beer sales in recent years. Most craft brewing companies in Canada tend to be small and locally owned. Some foreign owned breweries have threatened the steady growth of the craft beer market in Canada, as well as the buyout of smaller breweries to larger more well established commercial breweries. Ontario is particularly known for its craft beer and breweries. It has seen the most growth in recent years and has some of the most establish craft breweries in Canada (

Pioneering the craft beer revolution is Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Brewery. He approaches his company completely differently than your typical CEO. His casual and laid-back attitude towards business compliments the craft beer industry very well. Eli Gershkovitch’s business motto is “you grow to meet demand, or demand will shrink to meet you”. This saying is also founded in basic economic principles.

Eli Gershkovitch’s company Steamworks of Ontario, Canada uses a combination of traditional and innovative business models to set them apart from the competition and keep the company operational. Steamworks provides their customers with quality craft beer at a reasonable price. Steamworks a pub that was founded in 1995. Eli Gershkovitch decided to expand his business slowly. His expansion plan mirrors the trends of the beer market which allowed them to be a successful business for so long.

Eli Gershkovitch is the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Brewery and Companies. He is a well-known businessman throughout Canada. He is also a lawyer and a pilot (IMBd). Eli Gershkovitch was born in 1975 and he is from Canada.