For Flavor and Variety, It’s Beneful

Beneful dog food has been expanding their product line over the past few years. In fact, your four-legged friends can enjoy a wide variety of Beneful products available on Wal-Mart for weeks without having the same meal twice.

Dry dog food is usually not the most favorite meal for a dog. Often, it must be supplemented with table scraps or wet dog food before the dog will even attempt to dig in. Many veterinarians do not recommend that table scraps be fed to a dog since it can lead to disease and obesity. Not so with the innovative Purinastore line. Beneful dry dog food features several flavors like beef, chicken, and salmon. For the pooch that is slightly rotund, there is a line of Healthy Weight dog foods that have a little fewer calories then other dog foods. There is even a line of dog foods for small dogs who have troubles eating the full sized nuggets of the original Beneful. Beneful’s Incredibites was created just for the smaller set. With so many choices there is sure to be a dry dog food that your pet will love.
Wet dog food tends to be a little more tempting for dogs. But most wet dog foods are expensive, smell awful, and make a mess. Not so with the Beneful line. Beneful has a line of wet dog foods called Chopped Blends. Chopped Blends includes tantalizing combinations such as Turkey, sweet potato, brown rice and spinach, and chicken carrots, peas and wild rice. The Beneful line is so big there are eighteen more flavors to choose from including some with international flavors that your dog is sure to love.
Of course, Beneful also has a broad range of dog treats as well. The line of dog treats does everything from clean up the dogs teeth, to sweeten up their nasty dog breath to strengthen their teeth and prevent to from decay.
Wtih all of these flavors, even the most finicky dog will find something that they crave. Why go with any other brand. For flavor and variety, it’s Beneful. Visit Beneful on Youtube:

George Soros Predicts another Financial Crisis

George Soros, a famous investors and business executive, has predicted another financial crisis. George Soros insists that the effects could be worse than those of 2008. The previous financial crisis led to a fall in banks and many markets in the world. Real estate owners and investors lost billion in the unfortunate occurrence. It is for this reason that actions of some economies concern Soros. States should have a growth model on that is sustainable over the period of intended growth, but should also have countermeasures in case the initial plan fails.

George Soros primary concern is based on the currency of the world’s second largest economy. By ranking, the countries closely relate to various developing and developed countries, and this is a reason to worry. The Chinese currency has lost value and the country seems not to find the right balance of models to sustain growth and stabilize the currency. To date, the investors have pumped billions of dollars into the economy. It is to seek stability of the economy and the currency and avoid the effects of the predictions. Behind the scenes, efforts and strategies are being developed and implemented each day, so as to make sure that the currency stabilizes.

The destabilized currency has what has informed Soros announcement to a large extent. Therefore, given his accuracy on predictions and forecasting, efforts are in place to make correctional interventions.

George Soros has a long history of philanthropy. Apart from funding the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Foundation, his work dates back to 1979. He is known for supporting the black apartheid students in South Africa. Though the Open Society Foundation, Soros has gained direct support and influence in over 100 countries in the world. In 2011, his annual expenditure on was estimated at $835 million. His role in society revolves around promoting democracy transparency and human rights.

George Soros is an exemplary author having done over a dozen books. His essays and work on society, economics and political issues appear in leading newspapers. It is the passion he has for his work that has propelled him into the helm of discussion that borders the economy.

The multitude of experience that Soros has gained over time has made him acquire wealth through his significant investments. He has learned over time and has seen the patterns of both development and destruction. Therefore, his actions to warn on the impending challenges of the global economy should be widely examined.

His work on promoting democracy and transparency has recently put him on unfriendly relations with the Russian and Hungarian governments. Russia accuses organizations linked with Soros of developing resistance within its people. On the same note, the idea of informing people of their rights has been seen by the Russian government as too aggressive for the leadership. On that note, they have cut-off all their operations in Russia. Hungary also accuses Soros of promotion the influx of immigrants in their country. Soros had announced that each immigrant should be given $16,000 per year for all their expenses.

Beneful Products Benefit Your Pet

A dog is the finest companion a person can have. Careful people choose wisely when selecting a food for their loved one. Fortunately, there is a company that shows the same kind of care in preparing it. The company’s name is Purinastore, and their Beneful line provides just what you need for your dog. The following are just a few of the delicious recipes they have formulated for you:

  • Originals offers 100% nutrition and a yummy flavor. This recipe is crunchy, chewy and satisfying. It will also keep your family member healthy and strong for years to come.
  • Your dog might also go for a wet dog food, like Beneful chicken stew. Including rice, carrots peas and barley its just the thing to provide a change of pace to the usual fare. Dogs love it, and will gobble it down to the last bite. It includes powerful antioxidants.
  • The selective owner may have just adopted a puppy, and the special needs of smaller dogs must be taken into consideration. For this, choose Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food. It has real chicken, and is loaded with calcium for growing bones. It is also rich in DHA, for healthy brain and vision development.
  • Another recipe they offer is the nourishing Healthy Life dry dog food, with real beef and egg. This is a protein rich formulation, to keep your friend vibrant and healthy as he explores the world and plays.
  • Another important product comes in the form of Minibites, which is especially suited for smaller dogs. It is a mix of tender and crunchy little bites, with real beef. Your pet will never grown tired of it, and it will keep him or her healthy and strong to love you for years to come.

Whether your dog is young or old, tiny or gigantic, has a food the dog will love. As they are made with a thorough knowledge of the science of canine nutrition, you know you cannot go wrong. 

Beneful is available online thru:

Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks Has Pete And Will Best As Its New Board Of Trustees Members.

Sanjay Shah is a Dubai based British entrepreneur and business person who also likes participating in philanthropic work. He is the founder and owner of a hedge fund firm that is known as Solo Capital and a philanthropic charity organization known as Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah was an accountant at Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley before he moved out to be an independent entrepreneur. He revealed that before he became an accountant, he was a medical student. While at university, he came across Pete and Will Best who at that time were also students and they developed a friendship.

Sanjay Shah founded his business entity Solo Capital in 2009, and he later incorporated it in 2011. In 2014, Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah’s autism charity organization was founded, and it started its operations. Sanjay Shah explains that he started the charity organization to help children with autism achieve normal growth. Solo Capital is a proprietary trading, consultancy and investment management firm that serves clients in all corners of the world. The firm has made a good name for itself as a one-stop financial services provider.

Pete and Will Best have recently announced the new members of Autism Rocks trustee board. Sanjay Shah, their long-time friend, and owner of Autism Rocks says that he is glad to be working with them for a noble course. Sanjay Shah also took this opportunity to welcome the brothers to Autism Rocks saying that their contributions are much awaited. Pete Best, who was previously the managing director at Icap, is a financial market expert. He is expected to use his skills and market knowledge to help Autism Rocks achieve its financial goals. He is expected to play a big management role.

On the other hand, Will Best is an entertainment mogul who has lots of experience in the advertisement and entertainment industries. He is expected to bring a big change to Autism Rocks and its concert fundraising model. Will Best has worked on various international shows as a music show host. He started his music show career in Manchester whereas a university student he was able to organize hundreds of underground music shows. From here he slowly graduated.

Thor Halvorssen Gives Public Backing To Bernie Sanders For President

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen recently used an appearance on “The Intelligence Report” with host Trish Regan to explain the reasons why he feels Bernie Sanders is the best choice in 2016 for U.S. President. The appearance of Halvorssen on the Fox Business channel was meant to simply provide information for the public on the real aim of socialism, including both its benefits and pitfalls; the Venezuelan born film producer took things further by explaining the reasons why he had already provided the largest possible donation to the Independent Vermont Senator’s campaign.


Thor Halvorssen began his appearance on Fox Business by explaining what socialism means to different people around the world,including an explanation of the many different ways socialism can be seen by different people in various walks of life or cultural groups. The producer of a documentary on the Hungarian uprising against socialist ideologies explained his own view that socialism can be of benefit when it is merged with other political ideologies; Halvorssen (Forbes) explained that many European and South American countries had benefited for many decades from a combination of democracy and socialist ideals.
The interview concluded with Thor Halvorssen explaining his own feeling that socialism can be a benefit to the people of a nation, but that dark forces can often use the political ideology as a disguise for their real dominating ambitions. Despite the drawbacks Halvorssen feels are present in the use of socialism he made clear to his host the fact he backed self declared Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders for President. The rhetoric of Donald Trump is seen by Halvorssen and dangerous to the future of the planet and the close relationship Hilary Clinton has formed with many dictatorships cause problems for Thor Halvorssen; after looking into the history of each candidate Halvorssen decided Bernie Sanders was the only candidate he was comfortable backing.

How the Resilience of Bob Reina Turned the Impossible to Possible

The advancement in technology has completely changed the way things have been done. The Internet brought about emails which made things very easy. Things are still changing and today video is part and parcel of everyone’s online experience. Many businesses have used the fact that online videos have a wider reach to their advantage. Talk Fusion has provided businesses with an opportunity to utilize the advantage brought by online videos.

Talk Fusion is currently the world’s leading company offering innovative video communication solutions. The company offers products such as video conferencing, social networking and broadcasting. The company makes it possible to embed videos into emails to be sent to the customers. The platform provides for rather easy user experience coupled with extremely low cost.

Talk Fusion came as a result of the idea that its founder, Bob Reina, had. It all started in 2004 when Reina wanted to send an email to his friends with a video of just 10 seconds. His endeavors were shattered by America Online who said that it was not possible. Reina was certain that it was something that could be done. He embarked on a journey to uncover all the possibilities and with the help of his IT-savvy friend, they worked on the idea. They ultimately succeeded in making it possible to embed videos in emails instead of just having links to the video. They continued working on the idea to perfect it more and more. The technology spread very fast to the other parts of the world and Talk Fusion has become very popular.

About Talk Fusion

Bob Reina graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Criminology. This was before he became a police officer. He worked full-time as a police officer while at the same time he worked part-time in relationship marketing. This was before the idea of Talk Fusion came to him.

Reina has an experience of more than 20 years working in relationship marketing industry. The success of Talk Fusion is credited to him. Apart from being a prominent figure in the industry, he is a philanthropist and also champions for animal rights.

TOWN Residential Welcomes RE/MAX to NYC

According to an article appearing in Real Estate Weekly, Dave Liniger has purchased the exclusive rights to sell real estate for RE/MAX in all of New York City. While Dave will not be doing the sales himself, he hopes to hire people who will do a great job for his company.
Dave believes that the company’s success in real estate will be based on overcoming generational and branding issues. Many people who are looking to buy real estate in New York City, particularly fast paced Manhattan, are looking for a different experiences than their parent’s had when they purchased homes in the suburbs.

Other real estate firms have had trouble getting into the New York City market and Liniger can only hope that his success will be different than these predecessors. It is a lesson that has already been mastered by the Realtors at TOWN Residential. TOWN Residential company has a five year track record of selling high-end NYC luxury real estate properties to the city’s most discriminating residents. Unlike in many communities, most of these buyers do not want their properties listed with multiple listing services which will make it harder for any new company to get started in the market. These buyers are looking to do business with an established company who will help them find the exact property that they want to buy as opposed to showing them thousands of options that may be currently on the market.

Likewise, many sellers do not want people without a proven track record showing their homes. Additionally, many sellers are looking for a company who knows how to saddle social media to showcase their homes to prospective buyers. Sellers want a Realtor that already has an established network of colleagues and knows how to get things done in the fastest time possible.

While TOWN Residential welcomes RE/MAX to their community, they are not sure how successful the company will become in the short term because of the generational and branding issues that will make many buyers leery to use their services.

A Look at FreedomPop and Verizon Wireless

In March 2016, Verizon Wireless was fined $1.4 million by the FCC for embedding a ‘supercookie’ into its mobile internet traffic before seeking the consent of its customers. Immediately after the identification of a customer through ads from Verizon, the supercookie was downloaded into their devices. This was after Verizon blocked its customers’ ability to disable the ads program after the federal government had started investigations into the company. This was first reported on RCR WirelessNews.

The parent company of Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile which is based in the United States, was able to earn $ 2billion from financiers as it plans the 600MHz auction which is to be held within the month. During the auction, T-Mobile intends to use $10 billion in obtaining a spectrum license. Knowing the potential that the auction will have and the kind of investors and business men it will attract, T-Mobile intends to be aggressive in order to achieve its desired results and outcome. The spectrum it intends to acquire has been one of the business investments that have seemed quite difficult for Verizon and other companies such as AT&T.

The cellular performance of networks comparison was done by RootMetrics. The company took measurements from a certain test that was done in the year 2015. The leading market of cellular performance was Atlanta. The other best performing network markets were Indianapolis, Rockford and Sacramento. Hudson Valley, Nebraska among others performed very poorly.

The Career Wrap is a broadcast that is produced by RCR wireless every week. This time round it interviewed the Chief Executive Officer of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols. He provided an overview of how FreedomPop business model works. He also explained of the future plans that FreedomPop has for it to make it in the market. Stephen Stokols also talks of the expansion plans that FreedomPop has. This interview can be found on

Read up on this FreedomPop review

George Soros’ Plan For Political Crisis

As of right now, there is a political crisis, concerning the amount of refugees in Europe now and the refugees yet to come. At the moment, there is not a common asylum policy and it is making things difficult for asylum-seekers. There needs to be a safe place for these refugees to go and a safe way to get them there.
George Soros feels that a plan needs to be put into place by the European Union to effectively take care of this crisis. In addition to a plan, a response is needed globally for this to be adequately taken care of. published an article on the six things that need to be looked at for a plan to be effective .

The first of which is, at least one million asylum-seekers need to be accepted by the EU each year and there needs to be enough funding to do this. Enough funding would be at least 15,000 euros ($16,800) for each asylum-seeker and for each of their first two years. This funding will help with housing, health care, and education.

As of right now, there are over four million refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey so the second part of the plan is to provide adequate funding to these places as well. Twenty billion euros would be needed annually. So, at least eight to ten billion euros will be needed annually from the EU and the rest to come from the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.

The third thing needed is on EU Asylum and Migration Agency with one EU Border Guard. Currently, there are 28 separate systems and it is too costly and inefficient. If there were only one agency, common regulations and benefits could be made and adhered to.

The fourth, is a safe way of travel for these refugees from Greece and Italy to where they’re going. If they have a safe way of going, then it is more likely they will stay there. Negotiations are needed with frontline countries to establish processing centers.

The fifth part of the plan, is setting standards, globally. This way, asylum-seekers are all met with the same treatments and benefits.

The sixth thing needed, is sponsorship from NGOs, churches, and businesses. Funding is also required for this to work.

Forbes billionaire George Soros was born in Budapest but moved to England and graduated from the London School of Economics. After graduating, he moved to the U.S. and became very successful when he became the founder and chairman of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations.

George Soros has written over a dozen books and his views and ideas frequent newspapers and magazines. He supports democratic ideas and his political and investment views are very highly regarded.

The full article was published via Marketwatch and can be viewed here:

George Soros Explains His Gloomy Financial Prediction


The future of the global economy is something that seems to have been weighing on the mind of legendary hedge fund manager George Soros in recent times. In an interview published by Bloomberg held at an economic forum in Sri Lanka the Hungarian born Holocaust survivor gave the assembled crowd a dark prediction over where he sees the future of the global financial markets heading. The market conditions are heading towards a position George Soros believes closely resembles that occurring in 2008 when the financial markets of the world collapsed, prompting a global slowdown lasting a number of years.

George Soros is not a financial expert to take the darkest view of the financial outlook unless he feels it is completely justified, but in this case he feels there is little option apart from warning investors of the dangers approaching in the coming months. In the past, George Soros has proven himself to be one of the top financial experts in the world with the hedge fund established by George Soros is well known for averaging over 20 percent growth each year for more than three decades.

The major problems facing the global economy are reported by George Soros to have been prompted by the problems found in the Chinese economy; Soros believes the issues in China could have a disastrous effect on the global economy if Chinese financial officials continue to take wrong decisions. Soros believes the shift in the Chinese economy that has seen the investment and manufacturing markets replaced by a consumption and service based economy. Keeping interest rates low and flooding the economy with greater levels of currency are the only options so far taken by Chinese officials, who George Soros believes should adapt to the current needs of the markets.

Problems in Europe are also of concern for George Soros, where his continued criticism of the Russian regime under Vladimir Putin has seen the Soros backed Open Society Foundations refused entry to Russia. George Soros believes the Russian inspired flood of Syrian refugees into Europe has the opportunity to cause the collapse of the European Union and cause even greater problems for the global economy.