Talk Fusion CEO On a Mission to Save Lives

Running a successful business can be hard work. In fact, starting up a company in an industry that is still largely unknown can feel impossible. Bob Reina predicted that video marketing would be the future and that is what led him to establish Talk Fusion back in 2007. Since its inception Talk Fusion has become one of the biggest video marketing and communication solution companies around. 2016 saw Talk Fusion score some huge industry awards and it has led us to look closer at the man behind it all: Bob Reina. It turns out that Reina’s path to success is one part business savvy and one part philanthropic dedication.


With great success comes greater responsibility. That is the motto that Bob Reina lives by and it is likely the fuel that injects energy and passion into everything that he does. If you sat down and spoke with Bob Reina about philanthropy you would no doubt hear him mention that motto to you. It is the DNA that pulses through the successful wave that Talk Fusion is riding on. Reina’s recently implemented a charity account option into Talk Fusion that is turning the company into one of the bigger philanthropic givers around. The charity account is a mirror of the premium monthly plan from Talk Fusion with the added twist that it gets attached to a charity of choice by Talk Fusion. This means that all profits get funneled straight to the charity, a huge and noble gesture for such a successful company.


Talk Fusion follows the lead of its CEO and we totally understand why. Reina has been involved with giving back for years now and he is always devoted to finding new ways to revolutionize the concept. Talk Fusion is supposed to be about living on the cutting edge and Reina’s constantly evolving take on philanthropy is a big reason why. Though Talk Fusion has become his biggest trophy, Reina hasn’t forgotten what it means to give in his personal life either. Reina is prolific in his donations to causes like the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and natural disaster relief funds.


Lori Senecal Went After Leadership Opportunities Throughout Her Career

When Inspirery featured Lori Senecal, Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), as an inspiring businessperson, Senecal shared how being a gymnastics coach during her college years honed her leadership skills. Coaches lead, according to Senegal, therefore she developed her communication and management skills. In her interview, Senegal said, “Once you are a leader, it’s hard to be a follower.” In addition, Senecal talked about the power of positive thinking, which helped her to succeed in the advertising industry.

In her interview, Senecal noted that one of her strategies was especially effective for landing a client. She suggests that an advertising professional learn all about a potential client’s company in order to impress them with a relevant advertising campaign. She is also excited about how the Internet and technology have changed the advertising industry. To know more about her, visit LinkedIn.

As global CEO for CP+B, Senecal is in charge of CP+B’s worldwide development and aligning the advertising agency’s 10 international offices with over 800 employees. CP+B operate in London, São Paulo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Beijing, in addition to three offices in the U.S. Under Senecal’s leadership, CP+B gained prestigious new clients, including Hershey and American Airlines. Senecal is known for her passion, her focus and her work ethic, in addition to her creative talent. When Senecal joined CP+B, Chairman Chuck Porter said, “She shares our values and passion, and she brings an extraordinary level of management experience and expertise.”

Before her current role with CP+B, Senecal was president of the McCann Erickson’s New York office and global executive chair of KBS (Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal). As recognition of Segal’s focus and leadership, Advertising Age named her as one of their Agency Executives to Watch in 2016. In 2014, she was one of Ad Age’s Women to Watch. In 2013, she won one of the AWNY Game Changer’s Quantum Leap Awards for innovation. Senecal is on Ad week’s Power List as well.

Lori Senecal served as a jury chair for the Isaac Awards and as a board member of MDC Partners. She offers advertising industry insight through television appearances and speaking engagements as well.

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Timothy Armour On Why Warren Buffett Is Wrong About Active Funds

Recently Warren Buffet made a bet that he could achieve better investment returns than several hedge fund managers simply by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. It looks like the one million dollars he wagered, it would have gone to charity, is going to be his to keep.

However, Timothy Armour, Chairman and CEO of Capital Group, still disagrees with Buffett’s faith in passive funds despite his winning the bet.

Recently Mr. Armour challenged Buffett’s assertion that passive index funds are the safest path to bigger long term returns. He does agree with Mr. Buffett that there are many active funds that charge exorbitant fees and deliver only middling returns for investors. He admits that the combination of high fees and volatile, ever changing markets is what leads to these low returns. However, Mr. Timothy Armour argues that lucrative actively managed funds do exist and that the way to identify them is to look for two things: low expenses and high management ownership. He argues that by using those two criteria investors are able to identify the exceptional fund managers who will be able to consistently deliver higher returns for investors over time.

With millions of Baby Boomers retiring every year and younger Americans worried they will not be able to save enough to ever retire Mr. Armour asserts this active fund strategy is something investors should seriously consider.

Timothy Armour was elected Chairman of Capital Group in 2015. He has over 30 years of investment experience. Mr. Armour has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College and holds and M.B.A from Columbia University.

When Classic Gets a New Look

It’s no secret that there’s been an explosion of pod-shaped lip balms in stores. Every check-out line, every aisle where make up is sold – almost everywhere you turn, there they are. These little pod-shaped lip balms are the product of Evolution of Smooth, or EOS. However, EOS is also giving a new twist on the classic tube of Chap Stick, and they’ve been just as popular as their iconic pods,

One flavor available in their twist on the tube is the sweet mint. The mint bluish-green color of the pod has carried over to the tube. Instead of a flat top that’s only about a half inch long, the tube has a lid much like that of lip stick. The lid also has a small dip at the top – giving it a look that resembles waves. The lip balm itself is the same as what you can get in the pod. It has the same peppermint smell and tingle to it, and those who prefer the tubes can now use EOS lip balm as well.

Another flavor available in this tube shape as well as the pod from the lineup of classics is the raspberry pomegranate. Like with the sweet mint, the only thing that has changed about this lip balm is the fact that instead of being available in the pod, it’s also available as a tube of lip balm. The tube has the same sleek look as that of the sweet mint. It’s color remains the same as the pod: a deep pink that looks more like a pomegranate than that of a raspberry. It also has the same lip feel to it as the pod version of this lip balm.

No matter how you prefer to get your lip balm, EOS has your lips covered.

EOS products are also available online on eBay and Amazon. Try them today!

Securus Technologies Receive the Prestigious Gold Steive Award.

Securus is a large provider of many criminal and civil justice technological solutions. The solutions developed by the company play a greater role towards enhancing public safety, investigation, monitoring and corrections. Recently, the company was the finalist of the Customer Service Training Team of the Year category in the annual Steive Awards for sales and excellent Customer service. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, and serves slightly above 3,450 correctional and law enforcement agencies that house over 1.2 million inmates spread across the entire North America Region. It was a great accomplishment for a company whose primary focus is to ensure public safety and security of prisoners in equal measure.


The company is committed to providing efficient emergency response operations, biometric analysis, incident management, communication, information management, detailed investigations, inmate service and exceptional monitoring products and services. In its vision, Securus Technologies clearly states its aim, which is, to make the world a better place for us. They provide connections that matter promptly.


Many of us attribute active crime detection and prevention to at least one of the Securus technologies. Correctional Agencies make use of the various Securus Crime Prevention and solving. The company receives numerous positive feedbacks regarding emails from its clients in the law enforcement industry.


Carefully analyzed phone conversations have been used to obtain search warrants in cases where there seemed to be no other option. It is made possible by the phone monitoring software that has the capability of tracking phone calls and presenting a substantial amount of evidence to initiate a court process. The phone call monitoring software developed by Securus Technologies is capable of detecting and initiating a prevention mechanism for illegal activities such as inmate using drugs and alcohol by prisoners. Discovering such fraudulent activities within the cells is impossible without the help of the Securus software.


I hope to see a greater and safer world supported by Securus Technologies.



Clay Siegall: A Mission Of Helping People, Taken On With Seattle Genetics

Cancer research is soon becoming one of the more sought after forms of medical research owing to the great need for it in present society. Many entrepreneurs and business people all over the world have begun investing in this sector of medicine. Clay Siegall is an individual who has always upheld his mission to help people while contributing to science and research in a particular way. Clay Siegall has gone as far as establishing his company with the aim of finding and researching the various nuances and advances for cancer treatment. With a goal to help people through science, Clay Siegall established his company called Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a company that specializes in the formulation for the right treatment of cancer so as to benefit the people who are diagnosed with this disease. Seattle Genetics has employed a rather unusual approach to the research of cancer treatments. Seattle Genetics implements the research methodology of understanding cancer through its genetic composition, thus helping doctors and physicians to accurately diagnose cancer and provide the most efficient treatment to their patients. The testing that has been done so far has gone extremely well, but Seattle Genetics still has a long way to go regarding actually finding an overall cure for this disease that claims millions of lives per year.

Clay Siegall is extremely well versed in the field of medicine and has a keen interest in the development of new scientific technology and medicine. Throughout his life, Clay Siegall has been immersed in science and scientific discovery. In addition to a love for the scientific side of things, Clay Siegall also had a clear-cut goal in mind. The goal was to help people in whatever way he can. By founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has undoubtedly fulfilled his goal with the numerous people he has already helped, even though the company is still in its state of infancy.

Clay Siegall knows that the research of cancer is expensive and a lot of money must be put into the experimentation of different elements that can be used in the treatment. Clay personally raised over 1 billion dollars to help the research time at Seattle Genetics have access to better resources.

Adam Goldenberg, Taking Over The World Of Fashion And E-Commerce with JustFab

Adam Goldenberg may not appear to be a fashion mogul at first glance, but the man sure has made his mark in the industry. Currently, Adam Goldenberg serves as the co-CEO of JustFab, with his long-time friend and business partner Don Ressler. Adam is a man who has been able to come out with some of the most effective marketing strategies and has led JustFab and numerous of this other company on the road to success. He has had in place some of the most innovative business models that shift the focus of the brand at, from just being a good image to being able to provide the customers with an all-round quality package.

When Adam was still in high school, he co-founded a gaming company called Gamer’s Alliance which was then sold to the Microsoft. Through his life, he has had numerous successful ventures and has had big business ideas come to fruition right before his eyes. Admitting that he would have never thought that he would end up in the world of fashion, Adam Goldenberg sure has created quite an impact on the affordable clothing bracket.

JustFab has been a tremendous success over the past few years and has created quite an impact on the market. JustFab is an online marketplace that gives customers a one-stop portal to buy all of the latest trends in fashion. The company on stands for offering some of the best trends in fashion to its clients, along with membership programs that make them part of a regular clothing delivery cycle. According to their plans on Twitter, customers get some of the best trends in fashion delivered right to their doorstep, every month, only by just registering with an online membership process.

Adam Goldenberg has expanded JustFab exponentially, branching out into the world of kids clothing as well as active wear, with their brand Fabletics. As part of the business model that Adam has drafted, he tried his best to ensure that customers always receive the latest trends in fashion and are always updated with the latest looks while being assured of the best quality products and prices.

As co-CEO, Adam has done a beautiful job in shaping Fabletics to be what it currently is. He has led the company with the tremendous leadership one would only expect from the best entrepreneurs. Being one of the fashion industry’s top brand CEO’s is no ordinary feat, and not easy to achieve either, but with an immensely good eye for business and a commitment to quality, Adam has made it in the fashion world, with JustFab.

This Review Could Make You a Wen Customer

You’ve probably seen a few of the QVC commercials for Wen by Chaz Dean, an all natural hair care line that has been endorsed by several celebrities. If you’re interested in using hair products that don’t contain harmful ingredients, you may want to give Wen a try. The products are available online on The Chaz Dean store and on Sephora ( ). If you need a little more convincing, Emily McClure from Bustle tried Wen’s conditioner for a full week, and here’s what she thought.

McClure did notice that she had to use quite a bit of conditioner to truly moisturize her hair, but after just one use, her hair was shiny and had volume. She also noticed that because the conditioner made her hair less frizzy and slightly heavier, her curls fell quickly whenever she used a curling iron on her hair. However, the conditioner did improve the overall look of her hair, and her friends even complimented her hair before the end of the experiment.

Overall, McClure says that WEN Hair conditioner, which is formulated to give hair volume and shine, is a great beauty product for women who want thicker, fuller hair. The conditioner also works well for women who wash their hair every day and want to ensure their hair stays well moisturized.


Anthony Petrello: From Math Whiz To Beloved CEO And Philanthrpist

In 2015, Anthony Petrello was the highest paid CEO. He was paid in excess of $68 million that year. His employer, Nabors Industries, is one of the world’s leading oil and gas drilling companies. They felt Petrello was worth that and more because of the efficient and effective way he performs his operating functions as well as his visionary direction and the strategic planning initiatives he has put in place.

While people in the working-class Newark, New Jersey neighborhood in which Anthony Petrello was raised were not surprised he was successful, they did not anticipate it would be in the oil and gas business.

Petrello was a math whiz in high school and earned a scholarship to Yale. There he earned his B.S. and M.S. in mathematics while studying under Professor Serge Lang, the famed mathematician. Instead of pursuing a career in mathematics, Petrello opted instead to attend Harvard Law School. After earning his J.D., he accepted a position with the internationally known New York law firm Baker & McKenzie. There he did such a phenomenal job Nabors Industries, one of the firms biggest clients, hired him as president and COO in 1991.

At Nabors Industries Petrollo’s work was so impressive he was promoted to deputy chairman in 2003, CEO in 2011 and chairman in 2012. Anthony Petrello also serves in a leadership positions with a number of other companies. Plus he is committed to philanthropy. When his daughter Carena was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Petrello gave Texas Children’s Hospital $7 million to help set up a neurological research center. Today Petrello remains intimately involved with Texas Children’s Hospital and gives generously to a number of philanthropic organizations and charitable causes.

Anthony Petrello has used his time, talent and energy to benefit not only his employer, but countless people worldwide.

An objective review of the internet and mobile service offered by Freedom Pop

When the concept of internet and talk time was still new, I used to swear that under no circumstances would I give in to the life of paying for internet. I believed that this was one of the services that should be absolutely free. However, after the exorbitant rates that have been rolled out by most of the communication companies, I have been forced to swallow my words over and over again. Before paying each of my monthly subscriptions however, I still think and look for cheaper deals and the good news is that I seem to have found a service that might just be the one.


I am talking about Freedom Pop, one of the best free mobile and internet service providers in the country. The system has created such a buzz that I am rethinking all the things that have been norm to me in terms of ISP for the past five years. I actually looked for the service and used myself as a guinea pig for the same. The absolute truth about the service is that it is not for everyone, but would be ideal for the few that fit their plans. The specifications of the services that they offer to their customers are as follows.


The free cell phone service offers 500MB of data and 200 minutes of limitless text messages. The reality is that the data is not much for a person that spends most of their online time on applications such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and other labor intensive applications. However, if you are the kind of person who needs the internet for simple actions such as checking mail; this will be the ideal plan for you.


If you decide to make use of the application, make sure that you keep checking your data balance. This is because when you go over the limit that you have been allotted you will be charged an extra $10 for the additional data. However, the company will send you an automatic email to notify you when this happens.


It is also important to understand that the service is only offered free of charge during the first year of the services. If you would wish to continue with the service after the first year, you will have to pay the $10 per month subscription. The billing will be done without any long term commitment to the provider of the service. Another way to get free additional data from the service is referring friends. The service is definitely worth a try