George Soros Continues Fighting for Civil Rights With Donations to Ferguson Activists

Liberal billionaire George Soros has a long history of putting his money where his mouth is, especially when it comes to ensuring civil rights for all people. When the Ferguson protests broke out in 2015, in response to police violence against victim Michael Brown, it could have been a short term, quick fizzle protest. Instead, it has inspired an entire movement dedicated to the Black Lives Matter cause.

Soros has long fueled the liberal causes throughout Europe with his Open Society Foundation, donating to civic organizations and non-profits which fight for democracy, equality, and civil rights for all people, but especially the most marginalized in society. Now, Soros has turned his attention to the home front of the country he’s called home for the last forty years.

As detailed in the Washington Times, George Soros has donated 33 million dollars to groups fighting to keep the Ferguson protests and Black Lives Matter cause alive. That financial boost has kept the spotlight on an issue of police violence against minorities that otherwise may have been forgotten again before the next moment of outrage. It also allowed them to delve deeper into the root causes of the problem, and conduct studies which prove their point to the general public. And the cause itself is very close to home for George Soros, who has long fought for the forgotten and marginalized in society. Read more at Washington Times.

He founded the Open Society Foundation in 1993, shortly after the end of the Cold War and Communist era that had marginalized the average citizens of his native country, Hungary. During the 1980s, George Soros had donated extensively to organizations that fought against Apartheid in South Africa, Communism in Eastern Europe, and so with the end of the Cold War, he used the Open Society Foundation to start turning his attention also on problems in the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

George Soros was one of the first philanthropists to openly criticize the “war on drugs” as causing more harm to the community than it offered help. That led him to also become one of the first proponents of medical marijuana, and in the early 2000s, the same-sex marriage fight was added to his list of primary causes in the United States.

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While some of these problems have easy solutions, and some are even finding solutions partially backed with the millions of dollars he has provided to the effort, others remain deeply intractable for policy-makers and community activists alike. One of the defining features of many causes within the Open Society Foundation is George Soros’ willingness to get involved in issues where there are no easy answers, like the struggle to balance the work of Black Lives Matter activists and the police officers in communities throughout the country. Learn more about his profile at

OSI Group Uses Innovation Throughout Their Business

OSI Group is one of the world’s largest, privately held, multinational food processing companies. They have an incredible array of resources to serve their clients which consist of partnerships with some of the world’s leading retail food brands.

The main driver of their success is the entrepreneurial spirit which is fostered throughout the company. Sheldon Lavin is their CEO and along with top leadership encourages innovation in thought and action.

OSI Group has garnered a prestigious award in the UK. They were selected to receive the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. The award highlights their exemplary management of environmental risks.

It also illustrates OSI Group’s strong sensitivity to environmental concerns. The criteria used by the British Safety Council was very stringent and involved achieving a five-star rating in the environmental management audit scheme. After this, they were scrutinized by an independent panel and had to demonstrate excellence in environmental management throughout their operations.

The inculcation of success is a main feature of employment at OSI Group. It is woven throughout the fabric of the company at all levels. Employees are encouraged to adopt a successful mindset and are given room to grow. A challenging, inspiring atmosphere is the norm at OSI facilities. OSI Group is a diverse and inclusive enterprise which seeks passionate, enthusiastic and creative employees. OSI believes that every employee can make a difference.

Working at OSI Group is a lesson in entrepreneurialism and individuals who thrive in an environment like that are the most likely to flourish. There is a strong element of teamwork throughout OSI and it is an important component of their success worldwide.

OSI Group operates more than 65 facilities across the globe. They have more than 20,000 employees in 17 different countries. Their pattern of growth and success continues to this day and they are a crucial partner for many companies.

The Entrepreneurial Journey of America’s Leading Serial Entrepreneur, Bradley Reifler

Bradley Carl Reifler, mostly referred to as Brad, is an American serial entrepreneur and financial expert. He was among the founders of Forefront Capital Markets Management, LLC, a New York-based financial firm to which he has been serving as CEO for the last eight years.

Brad Reifler was born in a family with a rich entrepreneurial background, with his grandfather- Ray E. Friedman, having have founded Refco Incorporation. Brad is an alumnus of Bowdoin College.

Brad’s Early Career

Brad’s exciting career stretches to over three decades, having made a debut in the early 80s. His first major venture was the Reifler Trading Corporation, a firm he established in 1982. His hard work and determination were instrumental in the impressive growth of the firm, with its worth hitting millions of dollars within a few years. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

The firm was able to establish itself as a reputable financial research center that advised business executives on the then prevailing trends in the financial sector. A decade later, Brad Reifler established another financial company, Reifler Capital Management, which he managed up until 1995. That was the year that he joined Refco Incorporation as a sales executive and the same year that he established Pali Capital Incorporation.

Sales Executive at Refco

PR Newswire believed that as the head of sales, Brad Reifler was put in charge of Refco’s Institutional Sales Desk. His main role was to help the company to cement its global presence and to consolidate its regional client base. As such, Brad worked extra hard to see to it that the company’s global derivatives were properly taken care of.

Brad also played a vital role in ensuring that the clients, particularly the high net worth clients, had all of their investment needs satisfied. The foreign exchange docket was also placed directly under him.

Pali Capital

Brad Reifler served in this role until the company was sold in the year 2000. By that time, he had managed to put the company on the global scale, earning the trust of investors from across the globe.

At a personal level, Brad was able to accumulate a wealth of experience in funding and investment arena. This experience helped him to manage Pali Capital even better, helping it to dominate the equity market in America. He managed Pali until he founded Forefront Capital in 2009.

George Street Photo and Video of New York

The George Street Photo and Video services in New York City has a wonderful team to catch every moment of your special day. George Street Photo and Video of New York the goal is to catch every detail of your wedding day. From the walk down the aisle, to the cutting of the wedding cake and everything in-between. George Street has helped many brides vision come to life as they dreamed. We have helpful consultants to make sure that dream is everything you imagined. Our professional photographers and videographers are set out to make your wedding day experience the most memorable day in your life.

Rick Smiths’ Career in the Correctional System

Rick Smith is the CEO and the current serving President of Securus Technologies, Inc., a company that provides correctional facilities in the United States with technological solutions. Mr. Smith’s educational background is one mirrored with exceptional performance, and it enabled him to gain a set of skills that later became very useful in his career. From Rochester Institute of Technology Smith was able to obtain an associate’s degree, from the States University of New York Mr. Smith earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering and later on from the same university he received his master’s degree in engineering. A couple of years later on Rick Smith again returned to Rochester University and did his Master’s in Business Administration.

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All the way through the years, Rick has acquired a rich knowledge base in the telecommunication sector, and as a result enabled Smith to be appointed in a series of positions in an extensive array of disciplines at Frontier Corporation. At Frontier Corporation he acted as a Technologies President. When working at Midwest Telephone Company, he was its Vice President of Operations; Network Plant Operations Director; Director of Business Development as well as the company’s Financial Management. Also, Mr. Smith was able to hold a series of positions when he worked for Global Crossing North America Inc. The areas comprised operations, IT, finance and business expansion just to state but a few.

When July of 2008 came, Rick Smith was chosen as the CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc. This decision of having him at the helm of the company was supported by the mere fact that Mr. Smith had a lot of skills backed by an implacable sharp focus. As a result of his valuable knowledge Rick Smith’s ability to push and propel the Securus Technologies Corporation onward to yet bigger success. His impel to achieve just the best enabled the company position itself as the decisive leader in the corrections business through its provision of superior products and quality service.

When in 1986 Securus was founded, the company set out to provide cutting edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions aimed at elevating the level of community protection and assist in bringing the incarceration experience in America to become very modern. Securus Technologies headquarters is in Dallas, Texas and the company has many additional regional offices situated in Carrollton, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.

CEO Rick Smith recently went on to state that Securus Technologies, Inc. has for many years remained dedicated to its track of being at the forefront of providing quality technological services and helping those prisoners who are incarcerated. The company only connects them with their family members and their loved ones back at home. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Swiss Start up Factory Advances Forward in Partnership Utilizing Mike Baur’s Strategic Vision

Swiss Start up Factory (SSUF) has now surpassed its two year milestone after it was founded in 2014 by CEO and Chairman Mike Baur. The Switzerland based company is now the principle startup company and has the fastest growing program in the industry.


Mike Baur developed the company from a banking background. After spending 20 years in the banking industry, he decided against the traditional models of creating a new type of business. Mike’s experiences led him to being appointed to an Executive board for a Swiss private bank, which he could have used very easily to pursue a high-ranking position in the banking industry. The decision to start SSUF was a risk that has provided Mike the greatest success, for himself and his team, in just two years.


The company recently announced its partnership with ETH Entrepreneur Club. This partnership has been long in the making since they have built a relationship over the last two years. The new partnership is part of SSUF’s strategic development plan, for the company, and creates an opportunity to further develop strong business talent. Those individuals wanting to achieve the best will now have the best of two worlds as SSUF and ETH broaden their partnership and integrate resources.


The goal of the partnership will be to establish more talent from ETH, and SSUF will commit to supporting full start up benefits of the accelerator program. With ETH’s continued fostering of entrepreneurs and bringing those business minds together with SSUF, it makes the ideal partnership. SSUF has a three-month accelerator program that enables entrepreneurs the ability to utilize financial resources, coaches, office space and mentoring in order to build their startup. As the partnership with ETH forges ahead, SSUF will be able to develop new batches of those who make it through the creative process of the accelerator program.


Mike has led the company through its first bench-mark of success with incredible results. He has continued to bring his passion and entrepreneurial spirit to drive the changes needed to elevate the company. For Mike Baur, the banking industry is now in his rear view mirror. Mike’s dealings with the banks these days are only related to fundraising, for his company and investors, in order to network with the program’s future business leaders.


In two years SSUF has received 1,500 applications and recently started its Advisory Board which also plays a key role in the further advancement of the company.



Talk Fusion CEO On a Mission to Save Lives

Running a successful business can be hard work. In fact, starting up a company in an industry that is still largely unknown can feel impossible. Bob Reina predicted that video marketing would be the future and that is what led him to establish Talk Fusion back in 2007. Since its inception Talk Fusion has become one of the biggest video marketing and communication solution companies around. 2016 saw Talk Fusion score some huge industry awards and it has led us to look closer at the man behind it all: Bob Reina. It turns out that Reina’s path to success is one part business savvy and one part philanthropic dedication.


With great success comes greater responsibility. That is the motto that Bob Reina lives by and it is likely the fuel that injects energy and passion into everything that he does. If you sat down and spoke with Bob Reina about philanthropy you would no doubt hear him mention that motto to you. It is the DNA that pulses through the successful wave that Talk Fusion is riding on. Reina’s recently implemented a charity account option into Talk Fusion that is turning the company into one of the bigger philanthropic givers around. The charity account is a mirror of the premium monthly plan from Talk Fusion with the added twist that it gets attached to a charity of choice by Talk Fusion. This means that all profits get funneled straight to the charity, a huge and noble gesture for such a successful company.


Talk Fusion follows the lead of its CEO and we totally understand why. Reina has been involved with giving back for years now and he is always devoted to finding new ways to revolutionize the concept. Talk Fusion is supposed to be about living on the cutting edge and Reina’s constantly evolving take on philanthropy is a big reason why. Though Talk Fusion has become his biggest trophy, Reina hasn’t forgotten what it means to give in his personal life either. Reina is prolific in his donations to causes like the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and natural disaster relief funds.


Lori Senecal Went After Leadership Opportunities Throughout Her Career

When Inspirery featured Lori Senecal, Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), as an inspiring businessperson, Senecal shared how being a gymnastics coach during her college years honed her leadership skills. Coaches lead, according to Senegal, therefore she developed her communication and management skills. In her interview, Senegal said, “Once you are a leader, it’s hard to be a follower.” In addition, Senecal talked about the power of positive thinking, which helped her to succeed in the advertising industry.

In her interview, Senecal noted that one of her strategies was especially effective for landing a client. She suggests that an advertising professional learn all about a potential client’s company in order to impress them with a relevant advertising campaign. She is also excited about how the Internet and technology have changed the advertising industry. To know more about her, visit LinkedIn.

As global CEO for CP+B, Senecal is in charge of CP+B’s worldwide development and aligning the advertising agency’s 10 international offices with over 800 employees. CP+B operate in London, São Paulo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Beijing, in addition to three offices in the U.S. Under Senecal’s leadership, CP+B gained prestigious new clients, including Hershey and American Airlines. Senecal is known for her passion, her focus and her work ethic, in addition to her creative talent. When Senecal joined CP+B, Chairman Chuck Porter said, “She shares our values and passion, and she brings an extraordinary level of management experience and expertise.”

Before her current role with CP+B, Senecal was president of the McCann Erickson’s New York office and global executive chair of KBS (Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal). As recognition of Segal’s focus and leadership, Advertising Age named her as one of their Agency Executives to Watch in 2016. In 2014, she was one of Ad Age’s Women to Watch. In 2013, she won one of the AWNY Game Changer’s Quantum Leap Awards for innovation. Senecal is on Ad week’s Power List as well.

Lori Senecal served as a jury chair for the Isaac Awards and as a board member of MDC Partners. She offers advertising industry insight through television appearances and speaking engagements as well.

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Timothy Armour On Why Warren Buffett Is Wrong About Active Funds

Recently Warren Buffet made a bet that he could achieve better investment returns than several hedge fund managers simply by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. It looks like the one million dollars he wagered, it would have gone to charity, is going to be his to keep.

However, Timothy Armour, Chairman and CEO of Capital Group, still disagrees with Buffett’s faith in passive funds despite his winning the bet.

Recently Mr. Armour challenged Buffett’s assertion that passive index funds are the safest path to bigger long term returns. He does agree with Mr. Buffett that there are many active funds that charge exorbitant fees and deliver only middling returns for investors. He admits that the combination of high fees and volatile, ever changing markets is what leads to these low returns. However, Mr. Timothy Armour argues that lucrative actively managed funds do exist and that the way to identify them is to look for two things: low expenses and high management ownership. He argues that by using those two criteria investors are able to identify the exceptional fund managers who will be able to consistently deliver higher returns for investors over time.

With millions of Baby Boomers retiring every year and younger Americans worried they will not be able to save enough to ever retire Mr. Armour asserts this active fund strategy is something investors should seriously consider.

Timothy Armour was elected Chairman of Capital Group in 2015. He has over 30 years of investment experience. Mr. Armour has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College and holds and M.B.A from Columbia University.

When Classic Gets a New Look

It’s no secret that there’s been an explosion of pod-shaped lip balms in stores. Every check-out line, every aisle where make up is sold – almost everywhere you turn, there they are. These little pod-shaped lip balms are the product of Evolution of Smooth, or EOS. However, EOS is also giving a new twist on the classic tube of Chap Stick, and they’ve been just as popular as their iconic pods,

One flavor available in their twist on the tube is the sweet mint. The mint bluish-green color of the pod has carried over to the tube. Instead of a flat top that’s only about a half inch long, the tube has a lid much like that of lip stick. The lid also has a small dip at the top – giving it a look that resembles waves. The lip balm itself is the same as what you can get in the pod. It has the same peppermint smell and tingle to it, and those who prefer the tubes can now use EOS lip balm as well.

Another flavor available in this tube shape as well as the pod from the lineup of classics is the raspberry pomegranate. Like with the sweet mint, the only thing that has changed about this lip balm is the fact that instead of being available in the pod, it’s also available as a tube of lip balm. The tube has the same sleek look as that of the sweet mint. It’s color remains the same as the pod: a deep pink that looks more like a pomegranate than that of a raspberry. It also has the same lip feel to it as the pod version of this lip balm.

No matter how you prefer to get your lip balm, EOS has your lips covered.

EOS products are also available online on eBay and Amazon. Try them today!