The Quickest Line to the Money has a weekly series highlighting successful persons in business. The segment is called “Secrets of Success.” In a recent weekly spotlight, highlighted the successful Darius Fisher.


After a career as a political consultant and copywriter, Darius Fisher quit his day job to become a full-time entrepreneur. In his efforts he co-founded the company Status Labs. Darius, through Status Labs helps people and companies realize their online presence and help to fix or improve negative branding found online surrounding different people or those companies. Often Darius coaches clients to become more proactive in recognizing their online presence and making it a positive influence.


Darius Fisher also ensures that his company also takes on clients that do not bring a bad reputation to his own company. The purpose of Status Labs is to understand that every story has more than what news agencies report. His company attempts to help give their clients a second chance at a positive public image.


In “Secrets of Success,” spoke with Darius about his success and how he came about creating Status Labs. Darius indicated that as soon as he quit his job as a copywriter, he was able to focus entirely on his entrepreneurial career. Since the creation of Status Labs, his company has helped politicians, Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, and athletes to repair any negative online presence.


Status Labs uses various avenues including social media and Google search to find the negative image their clients may have and then work with and coach them to improve that presence. In his efforts to become a self sustained entrepreneur, Darius once embraced the advice, “Find the quickest line to the money.” This mindset allowed Darius to focus on selling the business and avoid everything else that fails to contribute to the growth of the business.


Though Darius graduated Vanderbilt University with honors, when he was a kid he wanted to be a baseball player when he grew up. He wanted to be able to travel and work for himself. He has now found a business need that allows him to travel and meet with clients and work for himself.

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Renting in New Jersey Borarie Development LLC

Renting and buying. Two very different choices, but is one really better than the other? We explore the pros of renting in New Jersey, specifically in this article. Which one is better? Are there things to think about when renting versus buying? The answer to that question is yes. Let’s see why.  Learn more about Boraie Development LLC:

One of the top five reasons to rent is that if your toilet leaks, you don’t have the trouble of fixing anything. The toilet overflows? Well you can call the apartment office in a few minutes and have someone over quickly. This is the same with any repairs you need; like fixing the air conditioner or fixing the stove. Both repairs would cost upwards of 60 to 80 dollars if you are lucky and it’s just a small repair. If it is a larger repair, it can cost hundreds of dollars. As a renter though, you don’t have to worry about that. Read more: Boraie Development LLC apartments in New Brunswick, NJ

Another reason that you should rent is that there is more free time for you to enjoy your house. There is no lawn maintenance to worry about either. Another advantage is you don’t have to worry about is paying taxes, which can get expensive. Keep in mind though. You probably are paying taxes, since the owner of the buildings must pay taxes. Read more about what advantages renting has to buying a house here.

Borarie Development has for 30 years helped to make neighborhoods be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This company’s investment strategies will help redevelopment activities. That’s not the only thing Borarie Development does. It also offers management services to rented spaces; whether they be condos, townhouses, or apartments.

Borarie Development also played a major role in reviving New Brunswick, New Jersey. This firm partnered with the basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal, and has a lot more money now to develop commercial real estate. Everyone knows who Shaquille O’Neal is. He is a basketball player who was very tall and played for the Orlando Magic back in 1993. They also have more money now to do expensive renovations as well. You can read more about it here.

The Trade of the 20th Century: Soros and the British Pound

An in-depth expose about George Soros in the 1990s, shared by Value Walk, is reminding the financial world of a time where the billionaire philanthropist challenged all perceptions of investing with a bold move that boosted his fortune practically overnight.

It was in 1992 that George Soros took a bet against the Bank of England, shaking the confidence Great Britain had in its currency’s strength and netting him more than a billion dollars in profit along the way. It’s important to remember when this bet took place. Though many think of hedge funds in a way that’s supported by 24-hour news cycles, where the activities of investors are continuously gossiped about from nearly every outlet available, the early ’90s had restrictions on the flow of capital and the aggressiveness of this particular method of investing wasn’t as energetic as the recklessness one would associates with stockbrokers in the 1980s.

What helped Soros make such a killing on this bet was Great Britain’s economic climate at the time. 1990 was a time of high inflation, low productivity, and even lower confidence in government to act competently in regards to all maters regarding the economy.

Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister, opposed her own party as they sought to take action by joining the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, making the British pound more competitive with Germany’s Deutschmark, and hopefully better the British economy on by limiting government manipulation and encouraging monetary stability. For a time this was the case, and the currency was viable until the global recession of 1992 which cause Great Britain’s unemployment to rise up to 12.7%. Being that they were members of the ERM for about two years at that point, the options available to the British government were rather limited.

George Soros, who has the head of the Quantum Fund at the time, his own hedge fund that he’d been running for over twenty years at that point, was at the top of his career in investing and was likely on the prowl for the next big thing to increase his already vast fortune. Typically, hedge funds are dedicated to investing the money of wealthy clients who are looking to place their bets with companies that will provide a healthy return on investment, and most managers, depending on the size of their client pool, can looking forward to a sizeable salary regardless of what they’re able to provide them.

George Soros, however, demonstrated his understanding of the market by setting his sights on the British pound. Interest rates and exchange values were not consistent with a healthy economy at the time, and many analysts could see the British government was scrambling for an answer. However, the pound held through the summer of ’92. But then, things changed when German banks sought to break ties with the Britain after seeing little benefit to their ERM arrangement.

As you can imagine, these were a set of conditions that fostered an environment that welcomed any investor who can read that terrain.

Those interested can find their way to the entire story by making their way over to Value Walk.

The Miracles Performed By Wen Conditioning Cleanser

Emily McClure is a woman that tries to find solutions for her fine hair. McClure has tried many products to help her fine hair, but she decided that she was going to try to do something different. McClure began to use Wen‘s cleansing conditioner, and she also documented her experience for The Bustle. McClure followed all of the instructions for the use of Wen by Chaz ( products, even though she felt like she had to put too much product in her hair. The first day that McClure used the Sephora fig version of conditioning cleanser she felt like her hair had a lot of body. For the next six days she really had different results for her hair, and they were generally not the same.
When McClure would use the WEN product on her hair, she would get compliments about how good her hair looked, and that helped her to see that the Wen conditioning product was really working on her hair. McClure continued to use the Wen product, and on some of the days she would use some of the products that she already had for her hair. McClure realized that Wen’s cleansing conditioner was giving her good results, but she also believes that she will not change the products that she already uses. McClure will use the Wen products when she feels like using something different in her hair.

Wen’s conditioning cleanser has gotten much media attention because of the quality of the product, and also because of all of the celebrities that love to use Wen conditioning cleanser. Chaz Dean is a person that has been working in the hair care field for many years, and that is the way that he was able to perfect his conditioning cleanser. Wen’s products are free of any harsh chemicals that can dry out a person’s hair, and they work wonders.


Choosing a Proper Assisted Living Facility

When it comes to choosing an assisted living facility, you may have difficulties finding one that fits your needs or the needs of a loved one. Because of this, it helps to do thorough research and to find a facility that works well for you and your budget. One such facility is known as the Manse On Marsh and it is located in beautiful California. This is a facility that is home to hundreds of senior citizens who still wish to maintain their independence and freedom while having the security that they can get from such a center.

One of the main things that sets Manse On Marsh apart from other centers is that it has an array of different types of activities available to you, making it easy to retain an active lifestyle. According to their monthly planner, the activities will and can change from time to time. From exercise classes to a variety of other things, it can be easy and fun to participate when living at the Manse On Marsh. This is why a lot of people are proud to call this gorgeous place their home.

If you feel that Manse On Marsh is the right choice for you or a loved one, free tours are available and can give you some insight as to what the facility is offering to those who might be interested. You will notice that this helps tremendously and can be just what you need to feel confident in the decision you have made. Part of the tour will include going around the facility and seeing what it is all about. From there, you will be able to discuss payment and other options with the staff to see if it is the right choice for you or for another person who may be going to live there themselves.  You’re able to contact them online for more information.

This particular facility is one of the best out there and has continued to grow with time. This is because it is becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to make it their home. For anyone who is interested, the award winning the Manse On Marsh is one of the top assisted living facilities in California. They have a very helpful and experienced staff who all help with what needs to be done. Because of this, you can feel confident in what is being done and the fact that your loved one has an amazing place to live for themselves. Taking a tour will definitely help you to decide if this is the right option for you and if it is going to be something beneficial for you in the long run when you are sure it is time to go to an assisted living facility or bring a loved one there.

Want To Be Fit And Healthy? Try Nutrimost

There are many reasons that people want to stay as fit and as healthy as possible. They want to live long and prosper, and when they are in shape, they want to look awesome on their social media pages like twitter, they show a better ability to concentrate, focus and succeed. For some people, getting into shape is difficult, and they may need the help of a good diet to help trim down their weight and get them on the right track.
Is Nutrimost Healthy To Use?

Yes, Nutrimost is a great diet program that is healthy for people to use. They should always make sure that they have had a checkup with their doctor before they begin any type of diet to make sure that they are healthy enough to be put on the program.

What Can A Person Expect When They Use The Nutrimost Program?

In many cases, people lose 5 pounds a week when they use the Nutrimost program. Others have said that they have lost 40 pounds in two weeks. For most people, the 5 pounds per week is a healthy way to trim down. The program allows works with each individual’s needs so that they can reach their goals quickly and easily.

Are People Happy With The Program?

Yes, people are extremely happy with the Nutrimost Program. They find that they lose the weight they need to, and they feel much healthier than they did before. For these reasons, many people are recommending the program to other people they know.

For those that want to see great results from a diet, they should try the Nutrimost. Nutrimost has been proven to help many different people, thus its growing popularity. Recently,  users are uploading videos on Youtube of their own testimonials on the program. Having a diet that does what it says it does is very beneficial for those that want to see the results they have wanted for some time. Visit for more information on the program.

How Easy It Is To Create Negative Reviews

An article on LinkedIn took on the topic of false online reviews. But what are false online reviews? False online reviews are comments made through one, or multiple, websites which are made by people who have not used the company’s services. These reviews can easily and quickly harm a business, but it is often hard for business owners to believe that fake negative online reviews exist. How easy is it, really, to review something when you haven’t even used the company or product?

As it turns out, it’s pretty easy. Let’s say that you, for whatever reason, wanted to put up a negative review about X Furniture Company. Why would you do this? Maybe you’re bored, maybe you’re hired by a competing company, there are many reasons why someone does this. The first thing that you need is a fake online persona. But how do you get this? The experts at Bury Bad Articles know that creating a fake online persona is extremely easy.

All you need is a fake email address, which is simple enough to get thanks to the many online email servers. You then go onto one, or many, review websites and create your profile. In order to make your fake reviews look accurate, you have to review other companies or businesses as well, so you do your research and put up some positive reviews about other companies.

Once you’ve done this you can then post negative reviews about any company you want. Any potential client or customer who looks at your profile will believe that you are a reliable commenter and will believe any negative reviews you post. It’s that simple. As the experts at Bury Bad Articles have seen, fake bad reviews online can quickly and easily kill a business. That’s why it’s so important to not try to deal with the problem yourself, but to hire an expert to deal with the problem for you. An expert in dealing with this type of situation knows how to remove negative reviews to help your business.

For Flavor and Variety, It’s Beneful

Beneful dog food has been expanding their product line over the past few years. In fact, your four-legged friends can enjoy a wide variety of Beneful products available on Wal-Mart for weeks without having the same meal twice.

Dry dog food is usually not the most favorite meal for a dog. Often, it must be supplemented with table scraps or wet dog food before the dog will even attempt to dig in. Many veterinarians do not recommend that table scraps be fed to a dog since it can lead to disease and obesity. Not so with the innovative Purinastore line. Beneful dry dog food features several flavors like beef, chicken, and salmon. For the pooch that is slightly rotund, there is a line of Healthy Weight dog foods that have a little fewer calories then other dog foods. There is even a line of dog foods for small dogs who have troubles eating the full sized nuggets of the original Beneful. Beneful’s Incredibites was created just for the smaller set. With so many choices there is sure to be a dry dog food that your pet will love.
Wet dog food tends to be a little more tempting for dogs. But most wet dog foods are expensive, smell awful, and make a mess. Not so with the Beneful line. Beneful has a line of wet dog foods called Chopped Blends. Chopped Blends includes tantalizing combinations such as Turkey, sweet potato, brown rice and spinach, and chicken carrots, peas and wild rice. The Beneful line is so big there are eighteen more flavors to choose from including some with international flavors that your dog is sure to love.
Of course, Beneful also has a broad range of dog treats as well. The line of dog treats does everything from clean up the dogs teeth, to sweeten up their nasty dog breath to strengthen their teeth and prevent to from decay.
Wtih all of these flavors, even the most finicky dog will find something that they crave. Why go with any other brand. For flavor and variety, it’s Beneful. Visit Beneful on Youtube:

George Soros Predicts another Financial Crisis

George Soros, a famous investors and business executive, has predicted another financial crisis. George Soros insists that the effects could be worse than those of 2008. The previous financial crisis led to a fall in banks and many markets in the world. Real estate owners and investors lost billion in the unfortunate occurrence. It is for this reason that actions of some economies concern Soros. States should have a growth model on that is sustainable over the period of intended growth, but should also have countermeasures in case the initial plan fails.

George Soros primary concern is based on the currency of the world’s second largest economy. By ranking, the countries closely relate to various developing and developed countries, and this is a reason to worry. The Chinese currency has lost value and the country seems not to find the right balance of models to sustain growth and stabilize the currency. To date, the investors have pumped billions of dollars into the economy. It is to seek stability of the economy and the currency and avoid the effects of the predictions. Behind the scenes, efforts and strategies are being developed and implemented each day, so as to make sure that the currency stabilizes.

The destabilized currency has what has informed Soros announcement to a large extent. Therefore, given his accuracy on predictions and forecasting, efforts are in place to make correctional interventions.

George Soros has a long history of philanthropy. Apart from funding the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Foundation, his work dates back to 1979. He is known for supporting the black apartheid students in South Africa. Though the Open Society Foundation, Soros has gained direct support and influence in over 100 countries in the world. In 2011, his annual expenditure on was estimated at $835 million. His role in society revolves around promoting democracy transparency and human rights.

George Soros is an exemplary author having done over a dozen books. His essays and work on society, economics and political issues appear in leading newspapers. It is the passion he has for his work that has propelled him into the helm of discussion that borders the economy.

The multitude of experience that Soros has gained over time has made him acquire wealth through his significant investments. He has learned over time and has seen the patterns of both development and destruction. Therefore, his actions to warn on the impending challenges of the global economy should be widely examined.

His work on promoting democracy and transparency has recently put him on unfriendly relations with the Russian and Hungarian governments. Russia accuses organizations linked with Soros of developing resistance within its people. On the same note, the idea of informing people of their rights has been seen by the Russian government as too aggressive for the leadership. On that note, they have cut-off all their operations in Russia. Hungary also accuses Soros of promotion the influx of immigrants in their country. Soros had announced that each immigrant should be given $16,000 per year for all their expenses.

Beneful Products Benefit Your Pet

A dog is the finest companion a person can have. Careful people choose wisely when selecting a food for their loved one. Fortunately, there is a company that shows the same kind of care in preparing it. The company’s name is Purinastore, and their Beneful line provides just what you need for your dog. The following are just a few of the delicious recipes they have formulated for you:

  • Originals offers 100% nutrition and a yummy flavor. This recipe is crunchy, chewy and satisfying. It will also keep your family member healthy and strong for years to come.
  • Your dog might also go for a wet dog food, like Beneful chicken stew. Including rice, carrots peas and barley its just the thing to provide a change of pace to the usual fare. Dogs love it, and will gobble it down to the last bite. It includes powerful antioxidants.
  • The selective owner may have just adopted a puppy, and the special needs of smaller dogs must be taken into consideration. For this, choose Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food. It has real chicken, and is loaded with calcium for growing bones. It is also rich in DHA, for healthy brain and vision development.
  • Another recipe they offer is the nourishing Healthy Life dry dog food, with real beef and egg. This is a protein rich formulation, to keep your friend vibrant and healthy as he explores the world and plays.
  • Another important product comes in the form of Minibites, which is especially suited for smaller dogs. It is a mix of tender and crunchy little bites, with real beef. Your pet will never grown tired of it, and it will keep him or her healthy and strong to love you for years to come.

Whether your dog is young or old, tiny or gigantic, has a food the dog will love. As they are made with a thorough knowledge of the science of canine nutrition, you know you cannot go wrong. 

Beneful is available online thru: