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Chris Burch is a famous person in the world of entrepreneurship. Perhaps he is much known in the world of hospitality. Here, he has been instrumental in the design and construction of some of the best hotels. However, Chris Burch knows that for him to achieve such tremendous dreams, he needs to partner with how is who in the lucrative construction industry. This is what made him partner with best brains in design and hotel management. As an intelligent business person, he smells the best deals and goes straight to implement them. Perhaps one of the most remarkable business partnerships was the one he formed with Phillipe Stark and Alan Faena. The two personalities are not just ordinary people out there. They have success stories in their areas of operations. For example, Alan Faena is a successful hotelier with broad interests across the world.

On the other hand, Phillip Stark is one of the most successful architects who has designed some of the most iconic buildings the world has ever seen. It is evident that Chris Burch got a deal by partnering with these two personalities, source ( With their help, he conducted a lot of research and found a premier piece of underutilized land. They wasted no time and went straight away to design a construct a luxurious resort. In a short time, the previously idle piece of land was now hosting a luxurious hotel by the name if Faena Hotel. It was such a remarkable achievement in a short duration of time by these individuals, learn more info on

How To Maintain A Healthy Head of Hair

When it comes to women, the hair is probably the weapon of choice. Unlike men, women tend have a plethora of hair styles or at least one style to match the current season. Women tend to spend countless amounts of hours styling their hair, but some of the styling techniques could be doing a lot of damage on a cellular level. Perming and pressing your hair can create a dynamic look, but these techniques can cause burns, breakage and dryness. If you plan to go this route, then you should do it sparingly. Washing your hair too often does the opposite of adding moisture. Consistent washing of the hair will actually strip the natural oils from your scalp, which will cause dryness and breakage.

If your scalp and hair feels a bit greasy, then you probably have excess-sebum production. Softening the capillary fiber of the hair is rather easy, especially if you use a shampoo that’s gentle on the scalp. Many of the tips and techniques for healthy hair are simple to apply in your daily routine, but you must be consistent.

On the other hand, there is one brand that’s changing the landscape of cosmetology. WEN by Chaz is the brand in question, and it has ushered in a new era in complete-hair care. The QVC advertised Wen by Chaz products will give you the very best in natural ingredients, including lavender, fig, tea tree oil, sweet almond mint, pink jasmine peony and cucumber aloe. These fine ingredients will work in conjunction to create a healthier head of hair. These ingredients will also provide a synergistic effect for your hair follicles and scalp.

Priming your scalp for growth is another benefit of products. No longer will you have to worry about dangerous chemicals or harsh parabens. All in all, the WEN hair care brand is setting new trends while changing the status quo.


Matthew Fleeger leads Gulf Coast

Before holding his current position as the standing president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger graduated from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University where he received his degree in Business Administration. From his experience during his time in school, he started MedSolutions, Inc, which handles healthcare companies’ medical waste and was President and CEO there for over a decade. Later on, Fleeger sold it to major medical company Stericycle, Inc and grew into the tanning business. In fact, two companies he co-created accumulated nearly $100 million. Palm Beach Tan is one of the biggest indoor tanning companies in the nation and the other, Mystic Tan, is one of the single biggest tanning booth businesses in the world.

His knowledge in waste, oil and gas and tanning has led him to be a solid strategist, planner, negotiator and overall entrepreneur and leader. Gulf Coast Western prides themselves on constructing firm relationships with business partners in the oil and gas industry and Matthew Fleeger continues to lead them to excellence. Its focus in its operation is using resource, raw skill and expertise to draw from oil and gas reserves along the gulf coast portion of America hence the name of the company.

Through the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western always seeks to look towards plots of land with refined foundations, searching for companies that could net massive returns and lower the risk factors for its would-be clients. Every partner is shown a generous amount of respect and is given honesty and integrity to the highest degree to ensure long-lasting relationships for decades.

Gulf Coast Western is branching out nationwide to expand their business and continue to elaborate on the thousands of established collaborations across the country. They are always willing to incorporate ethics into business.

How Guilherme Paulus Cracked An Opportunity In The Hospitality Industry

Guilherme Paulus believes that he is very optimistic even in the extreme. This seems to clearly explain in reality who he is. He is a business leader who has seized prime opportunities even in what looked far-fetched. Whenever posed with a challenge, he accepts it and works on developing something from that.

Today his name appears among respected hospitality leaders in Brazil. It is interesting that venturing into hospitality was not his initial idea neither did he study as a hotelier. This idea cropped up after he met Carlos Vicente who was the State Deputy at the time. He shared his development ideologies and expressed the desire to establish a tourism agency in Sao Paulo. He had identified potential in this market but his work demands somewhat hindered this.

Guilherme Paulus at the time had not established himself much. He also found the idea wise. With the aid of the State Deputy, he began working on this investment. He joined Casa Faro and this made him understand the market among other things. His entrepreneurial spirit made him establish a store in partnership with this business enterprise for four years before amicably splitting. He has since then established one business after the other and enjoys a huge market base having penetrated the economy.

About Mr Paulus

Mr. Paulus is known for founding GJP Group of Hotels and being the chair to the CVC Brasil Operadora. Guilherme has local and international recognition as an esteemed hotelier and entrepreneur based in Brazil. The GJP hotels & Resorts have 20 well-established outlet operations serving the citizen in Salvador, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Maceio among other locations. It has employed about 5,000 employees.

The CVC tours was an extension of the GJP hotels and Restaurants after he found out that guest needed more than meals. They needed accommodation and other luxury services. Guilherme Paulus often found himself sourcing these service from other companies. It was only wise to establish a tour and travels company to serve this need. Before this venture, Guilherme Paulus worked as an intern at the IBM. He has contributed widely to the growth and development of the hospitality industry and has been awarded severally for entrepreneurship and tourism lead.

In Their Time Of Need Houston Residents Could Count On Stream Energy

Part of the overall $19 billion dollars that corporate America will donate to charitable causes this year has come from none other than Stream Energy. They are a company that has always attempted to put the needs of their customers before everything else. When they saw that some of their customers were in trouble they leapt into action.

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas and hit the Houston area particularly hard. It was one of those storms of the century that no one wants to have to contend with. Unfortunately, some people in Houston have still not been able to fully recover from the storm. They are still trying to pick up the pieces of their shatter lives in ways that the rest of us cannot even imagine.

Stream Energy decided that it needed to step in and help in any way that they could. They selected to create a new division of themselves that would be known as “Stream Cares”. The purpose behind this was to spearhead their charitable giving efforts in a separate division of the company that would allow them to continue to operate their for-profit business just the same as they always have.

Taking the time to do a little charity work on the side is a great move for Stream Energy. It not only goes to show that they really do care about their community, but it also helps to show that they have a savvy business mind as well because they know that doing this work will bring them favorable media coverage.

Plenty of companies do charity work for the purpose of creating good buzz for themselves. Some people might view this as terrible and even immoral, but that is not really the case. Companies are just acting in their own best interests while at the same time helping others. Stream Energy could have made the decision to not help anyone out at all. Instead, they elected to do what was right, and we should all celebrate that. Stream Energy continues to look for new ways to build up its customer base through any means possible.

Gulf Coast Western Models Expansion through Partnerships

Matthew Fleeger is CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, which is the Managing Venturer of Oil and Gas General Partnerships. Gulf Coast Western acquires, explores and develops oil and gas reserves. Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 and has its headquarters in Dallas. The company focuses on the Gulf Coast and also has locations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Colorado. Despite its historic focus on the Gulf Coast, the company is considering an expansion into other regions of the country.

Gulf Coast Western has expanded its territory in Louisiana via two partnerships. In one of them, Gulf Coast Western has teamed up with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration in southwestern Louisiana. That partnership has provided Gulf Coast Western with 13 producing wells, 140 defined drilling locations, and proprietary 3D seismic data. The area that these two organizations will cover is almost 1000 square miles. This partnership includes an agreement with Warhorse Oil and Gas that is expected to yield more than 800 oil barrels a day.

The other partnership focuses on southeast Louisiana and is with Northcote Energy Ltd, which also based in Dallas. The agreement provides Gulf Coast Western with 50 percent interest and assets in the Shoats Creek Field in Beauregard Parish. The assets in this deal also include, four wells in Frio and Cockfield formations, an operating salt water disposal well, and another well that yields approximately 100 barrels of oil daily.

Gulf Coast Ventures has an excellent reputation, which is evidenced by its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and that 70% of its partners have done more than one venture with the company.

Matthew Fleeger graduated with a degree from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. He is recognized as an expert in strategic planning, team building and contract negotiation.

Does Shervin Pishevar Have A Crystal Ball?

When a noted businessman such as Shervin Pishevar starts to make one prediction after another about the economy, many in the business world wonder if he perhaps has a crystal ball. While it may never be known if he does or not, it is no secret that Shervin Pishevar does however have many thoughts on the direction he sees many economic issues taking over the next year. Because of this, he recently conducted a 21-hour tweet storm on the subject, sending out more than 50 messages that had people everywhere mesmerized.

If you are an investor in the U.S. stock market, there is a good chance you are trying to decide if Shervin Pishevar knows something that perhaps many others do not. Predicting the market will plunge 6,000 points in the coming year, he does offer a solution to investors who may be wondering what to do next. Rather than sit back and take large losses due to what he views as a volatile bond market impacting stocks, he suggests investors turn to gold, which virtually all economic experts agree retains its value in good times and bad as well.

After his views and predictions regarding the stock market were posted on Twitter, Shervin Pishevar then decided to give the world his thoughts and predictions about Silicon Valley. Once viewed as the epitome of excellence in worldwide technology, Shervin Pishevar now believes Silicon Valley companies have let themselves fall behind foreign competition from China and Africa. By not continuing to invest in research projects that were innovative and cutting-edge, he believes Silicon Valley companies will now be viewed as second-tier within the tech industry for many years to come.

However, all his predictions were not filled with ultimate failure. Regarding his thoughts on virtual currency Bitcoin, he actually believes that while the currency’s value will drop $5,000 or more in the coming year, investors will ultimately be rewarded with bigger profits. According to Shervin Pishevar, not only will Bitcoin rebound quickly from its drop in value, but exceed it by a wide margin, creating many wealthy investors along the way.

Flavio Maluf Talks Taxes

Flavio Maluf is President at Eucatex. The Brazilian company manufactures wooden panels/ paints. It started operations in 1951 and has grown tremendously since then. Currently, the company has established itself internationally, with a strong reputation in sustainability. Flavio became Eucatex’s CEO in 2005, having worked for the company for a long time. Find out more about Flavio at

Flavio Maluf’s entrepreneurial journey began after he attained an Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation’s Mechanical Engineering degree. He would forego engineering to pursue business full-time, as he had a lot of interest in entrepreneurship. In a recent interview, Flavio talked about the new tax incentives.

Brazil companies face high taxes imposed by their government. The high taxes have made growing businesses to be laborious. Flavio Maluf believes that tax incentives provide fantastic opportunities for businesses growth. Here is Flavio’s case in points:

  • Fiscal Incentive Laws- These laws give Brazilian businesses the chance to use taxes in various government programs. The aim is to ensure taxes paid directly benefit Brazil’s economy. Some of the incentives include sporting events, health causes, scientific endeavors, and social events. By contributing to such tax incentive programs, businesses can get an excellent reputation. It is because consumers associate each incentive program with a specific social/ cultural event.
  • Regional tax incentives- Brazil companies can enjoy tax benefits by settling in designated tax zones. For example, the Manus Free Zone in the isolated western Amazon is an excellent place for businesses to establish themselves due to favorable tax incentives.
  • Industry tax incentives- The Brazilian government grants tax incentives for specific industries. The incentives include monetary compensation, tax reduction, and tax exemptions. Businesses in sectors like agriculture, aerospace, export, and information technology can use the incentives to improve.

Flavio Maluf is also President at Grandfood. Flavio commented on how the Brazilian Agricultural Sector was weakening. He says there is a decline in Agricultural GDP despite a growth in the country’s overall GDP. It has led him to focus his business acumen in the Brazilian agricultural sector.

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Neurocore Enhances the Smart Brain

With eight national brain performance centers, Neurocore is a company well-positioned to assume the rank of #1 authority for neuroscience applications. The Portland Trail Blazers, and other athletes, currently utilize Neurocore neurofeedback techniques to enhance their internal training regimes. In fact, the Portland Trail Blazers added a “brain room” to their training facilities. Brain room technology measures the athlete stress level and stress recovery brain, endocrine, cardiovascular and respiratory functional systems. See more information about Neurocore at

Neurocore realizes the importance of caring for brain function. As the most complex human organ, the brain contains over 80 billion neurons working together and apart to drive every second of human life. Neurofeedback techniques have been created to protect and maintain brain function. Further, technology use has been geared to provide treatment for mental health issues for depression, anxiety, and even ADHD. Neurotherapy (also called neurofeedback)is a technology which utilizes brainwaves’ electrical measurements for brain self-regulation. Neurocore scientists incorporate techniques for positive reinforcement, practice and then repetition for this self-regulation by the brain.


Neurocore Brain Performance Centers were founded in 2004 for the goals of:

  • Brain-based, data driven assessments
  • EEG and qEEG technology applications
  • Stress, depression and sleep disorder treatment


In partnership with neurofeedback, Neurocore utilizes heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback that teaches the subconscious brain to regulate breathing patterns. And, as a result, the Portland Trail Blazers have seen increased performance, and decreased stress and depressive incidents following neurotherapy. The company statistics prove out. After Neurocore 30-day brain training therapy, scientists realized a depression decrease rate of 84% for total respondents – both short- and long-term.

Prospective clients interested in reducing stress and depression, attaining comfortable and continuous sleep, addressing ADHD or similar health conditions are well-advised to visit the Neurocore website, or call 800.600.4096 with any questions or concerns. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Serge Belamant: First Blockchain Debit Card

The first Blockchain Debit Card by Serge Belamant is making its way onto the market. Some have said the technology is like going back to the internet in the 80s or 90s. One company is making strides in this arena of making blockchain applications a reality. Net1 Technologies is earning a lot of cash positioning itself as a financial tech company. They are in a great spot to earn back public shares way before the year 2023 when or if the stock becomes undervalued. Aside from that, the online business is known for its creation of blockchain technology that fits on a smart card which consumers can use as a regular debit card.

They can also be used to be compatible with Europay Mastercard Visa wherever these are legally accepted. The way it works is using distribution ledgers that can function online and offline. Serge Belamant says that all work with any type of centralized computer network. It’s one of the first to appear on the market which no else has achieved.The smart card will validate and therefore develop what’s called an audit record. This encrypted information can approve transactions at your place of purchase. The card doesn’t rely on any kind of electric source nor does it have to have a point of sale type of device. Basically, Serge Belamant states that the smart card serves as an independent bank account minus the normal banking fees and costs.

One will only need a battery when offline and recording transactions. Once you have successful made some transactions on the card, the information is safely stored. If you decide to use the card at an ATM, it will automatically update all info and confirm previous offline purchases. Net1 is responsible for approving and storing the transactions to one mainframe computer.Serge Belamant widely known throughout the industry as the sole creator of this type of blockchain technology that started way back in 1989. He is the only one that has the patent for the blockchain technology at the time.