New England Braces for Another Round of Winter Weather

Much of the New England states are bracing for at least another foot of snow this week as a winter storm bears done on the New England states. Much of New England is still recovering from a record 100 year storm which buried many states from New England to the Mid Atlantic under several feet of snow and caused scores of winter related deaths across several states.

Winter storm Bears Down On New England

Contrary to the reports by Phil the groundhog last Tuesday, Jon Urbana and other weather experts expect a heavy winter season with deep snow and more blizzard like conditions.

The weather for Monday and Tuesday in New Hampshire is expected to play a role in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. The forecast is for light to moderate snow fall though most of the day. Poll watchers still expect a heavy voter turnout for the election and many note that this type of weather is not uncommon for New England.

The recent events of severe weather have many concerned weather global warming is playing a role or if this is just part of the cycle of bad weather. States are working at increase the ability to forecast the severity of and frequency of winter storms in hopes of preserving lives as well as property. The severity of the storms this year to date has only added more stress to the ability for institutions to project the storms that are coming each season.

Stephen Murray: Why Choose CCMP Capital For Investment Advice

Are you thinking about getting investment guidance or advice regarding private equity investment? Do you want to know why CCMP Capital is so popular in the investment industry? Many people and businesses have achieved tremendous results with their investment, due to the top quality services provided by CCMP Capital. If you are interested in getting help from the experts, you need to check out CCMP Capital right away.

Among the larger and more common kinds of private capital investment is what is known as a leveraged buyout. In such type of deal, a private capital enterprise takes on debt just to come up with the cash needed to acquire out a public company, which it then takes off Wall street stock market, transforming the company into a private one. Sometimes, a variety of private equity enterprises will pool funds together to be able to provide funds for the deal, rather than one enterprise being responsible for all of the debt.

In order to reach your investment goal, it’s important that you consult with a qualified investment professional. Although there are many investment professionals out there, you don’t want to select the first one that you see. You need to do your homework properly and find a company with a team of knowledgeable professionals. That’s where CCMP Capital comes in.

CCMP Capital comes highly recommended when it comes to investment or money management issues. It’s extremely important that you seek the services of a renowned company or professional for all your investment matters. There are many companies and professionals out there offering various financial services related advice and guidance but not all of these firms have the quality industry resources to meet your needs. Before you make a choice, always look for a company that has a good reputation.

CCMP Capital is your clear choice for all investment matters. Their professionals’
experience and network of contacts are very positive elements. Numerous clients have benefited immensely from utilizing the expert services of CCMP Capital to achieve great results. Now you can start the process by contacting the professionals at CCMP Capital. Visit their website, have a look around to learn more and then submit a request for consultation.

Steve Murray, the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, was a highly reputable investor. Stephen was well versed in all aspects of the financial services and investment field, with great expertise in private equity investment. He had a huge number of clients whom he helped reach their investment goals and realize significant returns on their investment. Stephen was well liked and respected by his peers. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

The Facts behind the Outstanding Success of Xiaomi Smartphone in the Market

Since the launch of the Xiaomi Smartphone in may 2011, the market has significantly changed with this its dominance. The Chinese model is already pushing the traditional models like apple out the Brazilian markets. The new Smartphone has more to offer consumers with a significant reduction in price and an impressive quality.

The company is already ranked second in Asia with quality and price, Flavio Maluf states the facts behind the success of this new model in the Brazilian market. According to Flavio, the Smartphone captures two essential features in marketing. They include pricing and quality. The device has impressed the Brazilian market which is thirsty for smart appliances. It is also a significant improvement for Chinese products which face challenges in quality.

The other factor that propelled Xiaomi Smartphone to its current success is the company’s marketing strategy. The Xiaomi Company has a well dedicated and professional customer service team who respond timely to consumer complainants. The company offers similar technology to its competitors attracting users due to its affordable low prices.

The Xiaomi Smartphone Company also gets huge returns from peripheral devices like chargers and headsets. These returns allow the company to sponsor a huge marketing budget. The company also earns from games and items that customize its device. The company has also targeted online marketing like social forums reaching more customers. The Xiaomi brand has more online presence than its competitor brands.

The business model used by the Xiaomi Smartphone turned out a significant success against its competitor. The company focuses on online sales through its website reducing the cost of middlemen and distributors. The website is also a suitable media of communication where customers obtain necessary information related to the product. In Brazil, the company used the similar business model like that used in Asia. The Xiaomi Smartphone is one-third cheaper to Samsung and Apple models.

Flavio Maluf is a regular publisher of articles in his website related to technology and market analysis. He is the current president of the giant forest company known as Eucatex. Maluf became president of the company in 1997. He also serves as the president of Grand food.

Maluf is a mechanical engineer by profession which Wikipedia shows. He is a business administration graduate from the University of New York. Besides, he is also a family man, married to Jacqueline. They are blessed with three children. Maluf eldest daughter is a chemical engineer from a top university in Europe.  Flavio Maluf himself can be found on Facebook, to further follow his career as it happens.

DJ and Photographer Jon Urbana Inspires Passionate Living

In the world of sports, every effort counts. Losers quit when they get tired; winners quit when they’ve won and had something to show for it. Jon Urbana has made a name for himself in business, and in sports as one of the best lacrosse players and the owner of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, named one of the best camps of 2015. The former Villanova lacrosse co-captain remains a source of motivation and admiration for many who like him on Facebook since they’d like to emulate his finesse and clout in the field.
Apart from lacrosse, Jon is an established entrepreneur (see his LinkedIn page for more) quite an active participant in a number of activities which include his conference presentations, skiing, squash, flying, photography and music. He has amassed a cult following on SoundCloud where he shares his music, and at Vimeo where he shares these amazing pictures.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon is good with electronic music and uses SoundCloud as a platform to share songs he has made remixes of electronically and original tracks he has done. Jon is a big fan of philanthropy and takes some time off his regular schedule for charity. He has helped support a number of donation drives and has held crowdfunded charities for different causes.
Jon Urbana is highly accredited when it comes to flying, not just in lacrosse. And he’s also equally skilled in a number of sports. At Denver East high school, he received three varsity letters for tennis and lacrosse. In 2002, he was selected as the top rookie, 2004 he was named the Defensive player of the year with All-America honors. With such a substantial background in the sport, Jon takes the time to mentor young kids in lacrosse through Next Level Lacrosse, which Jon Urbana founded back in 2011. He is also a co-founder of Ellipse USA, a dermatological firm that specializes in laser and IPL solutions.
Jon Urbana is incredibly active on social media. His WordPress page is a hub of activity where he shares things he loves doing. As mentioned before, Jon has a talent for music and uses his WordPress blog to express his views and share music with his followers. Jon’s WordPress is brought to life with vivid pictures of excellent cuisine bringing out a deeper lying passion for food. The dishes portrayed on his page range from intricately prepared meals such as a recent lobster post made by his brother, to simple drinks with a touch of class while you listen to Fight Between Bosses.

Jon has an eye for photography and expresses it openly on his blog. Jon Urbana’s About Me page is filled with highly detailed expressions of food and other things he comes across daily, captured in high resolution. Jon is also good at video editing and shares his videos through his WordPress page. He also shares links to his official YouTube via the blog for his viewers to subscribe for more videos.

It’s indeed a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together. Passion is the key that drives motivation and leads to success, philanthropic work via GoFundMe, and so much more. Jon Urbana has made a living out of his passion and has done it in a way that’s worth mentioning.

The Importance of Business Strategies

To succeed in business, a person must develop a winning strategy. In most cases, that involves hours of hard work doing various kinds of research. While most people view business strategies as being important to the success of a company, few are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to make it happen. However, Brad Reifler is not one of those people as his career history showcases. Instead of viewing strategic planning as an arduous task, Brad sees it as a new challenge that if conquered will result in success for himself, his company, and his clients.

Widely viewed around the world as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of today’s business scene, Brad has always realized it was strategic planning that spelled the difference between success and failure. Using a variety of tactics including in-depth global analysis, information dissemination, credit derivatives, and much more, Brad has always been interested in looking not only at past results, but also what is currently trending in today’s economy. As a result of this, he has always been able to not only get ahead of his competition, but stay there as well. From his first company Reifler Trading Company to his latest efforts at Forefront Capital Management, Brad has always emphasized strategic planning as one of the keys to success, as well as diversifying his portfolio.

Utilizing his ability to retain large amounts of information as well as his thirst for knowledge, Brad began to realize that other companies often waited for trends to begin before taking advantage of them. However, at his firms he decided to not wait for the trends to come to him. Instead, his companies would create the trends that other businesses would then look to for how to proceed in the years ahead. By doing this, Brad has been able to take his companies to the top and become a highly sought- after consultant to corporations and governments across the world. On many occasions, Wikipedia shows that Brad Reifler has been asked to consult with members of Fortune 500 companies, Wall Street managers, economists from the Asia-Pacific region, and many others on various financial services and economic issues. As his reputation has grown worldwide, so has his influence on economic issues. In fact, it is not uncommon today to see many aspects of Brad’s strategies being used in corporations and governments around the world. In the years to come, it’s safe to say even more of his strategies will be utilized.  Now that he’s opened up to the middle class, it will be interesting to see where Brad Reifler goes next.

Russian Authorities Ban Two Leading George Soros Organizations in Russia

The relationship between George Soros, a hedge fund billionaire and philanthropist with the Russian government hasn’t been the best in recent times. One such development follows a recent decision by the Russian authorities to label Soros charities a threat to the state. According to Jennifer Ablan of the Fortune magazine, Russia banned Soros’s pro-democracy charity, the Open Society Assistance Foundation and Open Society Foundation after banding them a threat to the country’s constitution system and security. Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office said on November 28, 2015 that the charities would be listed on “Stop List” as foreign non-governmental organizations that are out of step with the Russian government positions.

The decree was issued even though authorities did not mention the specific accusations against the Open Society Assistance and Open Society Foundation. Speculation is rife that the ban is as a result of the Soros earlier sentiments calling on countries in the West to set up set up a $50 billion financing package to aid Ukraine as a counter measure to the perceived Russian aggression. The Open Society Foundation objected to the decision to ban it saying it had helped strengthen the rule of law and protected the rights of Russians for over a quarter century. Speaking to the press later, George Soros 85 said he hopes the decision is only a temporary aberration because such a move will be against the aspirations of the Russian people and their desire for better future.

Soros, who is also the founder and Chair of the Soros Fund, established the Open Society Foundation in 1979. The organization started its philanthropic activities by offering scholarships to black South Africans who were still suffering under the York of apartheid. In another development CNBC reported on January 14, 2016 that a college in northern Russian had burned 53 books linked to George Soros charity. The news comes a few weeks after Russian authorities banned the Open Society Assistance and Open Society Foundation for breach of the country’s security. Authorities made good their intention by ransacking college libraries in the northern Russian province of Komi, looking for textbooks and manuals related Soros foundation. News of the search was also reported by a local news organization 7×7.

The Hungarian born hedge fund mogul grew up at a difficult time before becoming one of the world’s most successful businessmen. According to, Soros survived Nazi occupation during WWII by fleeing Hungary to go to England in 1947. He studied in England before moving to the US, where he built a huge fortune through his international investment fund. Soros has written several books, articles and essays. His most popular books include “The Tragedy of the European Union”, “The Crash of 2008 and What it Means” and “The Age of Fallibility” which was published in 2007. Articles written by George Soros regularly appear on leading magazines and newspapers. His foundations now support several human rights, freedom of expression and public health and education initiatives in over 70 countries.

Virtual Strategy Marketing Publishes Town Residential’s Aggregate

According to Virtual Strategy Marketing, Town Residential has put out their Aggregate. This is a report that is done by the company that is intended to show residents and potential residents the way that the market is changing in New York City. It is a way in which people can see the different parts of the market and the way that they are going to affect life in NYC apartments for rent. Town Residential works to publish this on a quarterly basis so that everyone can see the upcoming trends for the housing market in New York City.

There are many ways in which the market has changed, but one of the most influential is the price of housing in New York City. While it has always been somewhat higher than other areas, there has been a drastic uptick in the price of housing in New York City. This is because of the way that housing is becoming more popular and the way that people are now making more money coming out of a recession. It has been consistently rising, but in the past few quarters it has taken at least a 6% increase in the amount of housing that is costing a large amount of money.

Another way that the market is changing is in the field of people who are looking for homes in New York City. In the past, people were always coming into the city and were looking for new homes in the city. They are now looking for homes from within the city. Fewer people are moving into New York from other areas and more people are moving around in New York. This could be because the market is changing and because people are looking for something more out of their housing experience. They are working to make sure that they get the best of everything from within the city.

Town Residential is one of the top real estate companies in New York City. They have worked to become the biggest provider of luxury housing solutions to people in the city. They have been able to provide their services to major clients and have worked to allow the clients the opportunity to choose everything that they want in a home. They also gather information on real estate in New York City so that they can give their clients and potential clients the best information on the market.

The Rising Trend In Normal Guys Wanting To Look Fashionable

Business Insider recently came out with an interesting article regarding the growing fashion awareness and changes in men. The article points out men are starting to dress better overall by keeping up with fashion trends set by the industry. Men are starting to care more about accessorizing in ways to look more visually appealing such as matching their belts and shoes properly, purchasing attractive glasses and showing concern with how their clothes fit the contours of their body types. Men are even joining groups known as “shave clubs” to find the right style of facial hair for their facial structure and fashion preferences.

It is becoming more acceptable for men to dress better and stay well-groomed without the label of being metro sexual, and the attitude of a normal man wanting to dress well is becoming more popular and mainstream according to a fashion expert interviewed in the article. The label of metro sexual use to frighten a lot of men. Perhaps it gave off a stigma of being feminine or narcissistic. Now, men do not fear looking good as funny as it may sound. The shift in attitude can be attributed to the influence of the internet. It has eliminated the hassle of public shopping. There is no longer a need to drive, deal with crowds or wait in long lines. All men have to do is point, click and then hit the checkout button, and the financial figures for men’s clothing and accessories prove it by demonstrating consistent increases. The projections for sales shows a lot of promise for online retailers too. Since going out to shop is something men cringe at, traditional retailers have made great efforts to cater to men by developing online extensions to their outlets.

Paul Evans is a recognized name and leader for men’s accessories, specifically shoes. Paul Evans does sell high quality belts and bags though too, and the business shows its expert fashion sense by recognizing the importance of pairing the right leather shoes with the right belt. All of the products are beautiful, and most of the products, especially the shoes, are made of high quality Italian leather.

The “about section” on the website says it all. It was started by two guys wanting to make sure their customers looked good. The products are very high end and pricey though. The good news is, is Paul Evans makes the shoes and eliminates middle markups. Purchases can be made on their website at

San Francisco Compliance Officer Changing the Corporate Culture

Hall Capital builds multi-asset investment portfolios since 1994, the year of establishment. A small company with approximately 150 employees, it is also employees some of the industries more knowledgeable SEC registered investment advisors. Hall Capital has experience building portfolios for a diverse set of clients in addition to establishing asset allocation strategies for both mid-term and long-term. Construction and management of investment portfolios as well as risk mitigation is nothing new for this company which currently oversees almost $28 billion in assets. Hall Capital is renowned for its personable approach to business, families, and other institutions. They place a priority on being transparent throughout the investment process. The management of Hall Capital, Helane Morrison in particular, is critical of anyone who does not adhere to this policy as she wishes to create a culture of honesty and integrity.

This approach to asset management and investing has fostered a culture within the finance community. By taking a fresh approach to asset management through research and other education avenues, the firm is hoping to keep local traders guessing. 

In addition managing investment assets, Hall Capital also creates monthly balance sheets and performance estimates, to educate customers and also ensure that tax reporting is done efficiently. By providing these resources to customers, the company ensures that client teams, operations, and administrative personnel can achieve a balance between client satisfaction and excellent asset management. The staff at Hall Capital know quite a bit about the need for balance within a successful asset management company. Leading Hall Capital in its efforts to stay ahead of the tides is Helane L. Morrison. She has been in the role of managing director, general counsel, and chief compliance officer for Hall Capital Partners LLC. Morrison has an interest in increasing the popularity of online brokering, and sees this as a step towards the future. Morrison details in a recent article how the San Francisco office has also seen a doubling in the work of examinations that would lead to fast requests for busines correction processes. 

Morrison joined the firm in 2007 after heading the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She enters Hall Capital after David Bayless, leaving the position in June 4 to join Morrison & Foerster law firm in San Francisco. Morrison has also developed her career in litigation, regulatory procedures, and securities, in Northern California and five Northwest States. Within the security exchange commisions (SEC) in different areas of legal, business, and financial communities. Before this, Ms. Morrison practiced law at the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin from 1986 to 1996. Ms. Morrison was also named head of enforcement for the San Francisco SEC office.

Learn more about Helane’s career and get the latest news about her life and work here:


Donation Continues The Giving Of Bruce Levenson

Business people and entrepreneurs around the world are always being mentioned for their philanthropic giving, but UCG co-founder Bruce Levenson is finding newe ways of giving back to the local and global community. Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen have recently provided a gift of $5.6 million for The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership that continues their link to this innovative and unique college. PR Newswire is reporting the happiness Bruce and Karen Levenson have towards the many donations they have made to the center, which included the chance to provide seed funding for the construction of the philanthropy center. The Levenson family have also played an important role in the development of the center that has recently seen the establishment of a hall of residence for sixty undergraduate and graduate students, that allows them to immerse themselves in the world of philanthropy throughout their studies. Bruce and Karen Levenson are also impressed by the way the center has played an important role in the life of all those on campus. Alongside the many fellows provided to local nonprofit organizations the center has also been undertaking a major education program to make sure every student at The University of Maryland is aware of the problems facing the world in the present and the future. Read the full article about the donation by Bruce and Karen Levenson here: