The Lip Balm That Get Your Lips Trend Ready

Over the past few years, lip products have become significantly more popular. Recently, everybody in the beauty industry is striving for bolder, brighter lipsticks. On top of that, the matte lip trend is skyrocketing. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Covergirl has come out with a liquid, matte lipstick. And every lipstick lover knows if you want to pull off the perfect lip, moisturizing is a must. Finding the perfect lip balm is a must.

One brand that stands out among the rest is Evolution of Smooth. More commonly known as EOS lip balm, this company has come out with eye-catching, moisturizing lip balms that don’t break the bank. They are in just about every major retailer, and chances are, you’ve seen them. These lip balms are well-known for their iconic, spherical packaging and bright colors.

Along with being affordable, EOS lip balms are completely natural. This means they are free of harsh parabens that tend to dry up lips, and they are petroleum free so they don’t leave a film of residue. Both of which are a lipstick lover’s worst nightmare. EOS lip balms simply contain vitamin E, shea butter, joboja oil, and are flavored with 100% natural fruit extracts. Overall, Evolution of Smooth lip balms are a perfect choice for anyone looking to simply moisturize or anyone prepping their lips for the season’s lipstick trends. Get these products on local Walmart outlets or order it online thru eBay. Visit their website:


IAP Worldwide Is a Logistics Company

IAP Worldwide is a company that provides technical, facilities management and logistics services on a global scale. The company was founded in 1990 in Irmo, South Carolina. It now has over 2,000 people working for it in 25 nations around the world. IAP prides itself on accomplishing its jobs on budget. This is one of the main reasons why the company has been able to retain and add so many clients over the past 26 years it has been in operation.

IAP Worldwide Services is ready to begin working as soon as they are contacted. There are many emergency situations where time is of the essence and lives are in jeopardy. These cases demand immediate action. IAP has the trained personnel and equipment necessary to handle a wide variety of jobs much faster than any of their competitors. They are a first responder that helps the United States government deal with a wide variety of epidemics, natural disasters and other catastrophes where help is needed. They supply electricity and medical support on an emergency basis in many disaster areas that do not have access to power or decent hospitals. IAP is able to provide disaster relief any day of the year. They are ready to go to work whenever help is needed.

IAP Worldwide also takes great pride in their outstanding logistical and supply chain services. They are capable of moving goods and people in a fast and efficient manner. This level of efficiency comes from more than two decades of experience. They offer a full range of procurement and warehouse operations. They can also handle any shipping and receiving needs that their clients have.

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IAP Worldwide Services offers maintenance services that can help to repair HVAC and electrical problems. They are also the company to call if you need large amounts of snow and trash removed from a specific area. They specialize in waste water management. This company employs a large number of people who are trained in landscaping and housekeeping. This falls under their facility management services. They are able to keep facilities clean on a daily basis.

Customized communications solutions are provided by IAP for a wide range of scenarios. They can handle network design and create an infrastructure that utilizes all of the newest technology that is available. They are able to finish their work quickly so that their clients are able to stay connected during a crisis.

George Soros Has Competition from Tangible Assets Pro Philip Diehl

George Soros may be the king of hedge funds, but there are some shrewd investors out there who still value the classic shine of gold and silver assets. As a former U.S. Mint Director, Philip Diehl is happy to now be appointed the head of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).

According to PR Newswire, ICTA makes sure that the value of tangible assets is not overly regulated by the governments of the 50 states of the U.S. They serve as a voice for those who still like to use precious metals in their portfolio.

Philip Diehl also serves as the President of U.S. Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve is one of the leading companies in the precious metals business. Customers in the United States trust this organization to provide them with the value that they need in their investments in the tangible assets arena.

As the chair of ICTA, Diehl was happy to have helped the legislature of Minnesota pass a law that assisted the market environment for rare commodities. U.S. Reserve specializes in selling coins from the United States government. Diehl knows that many individuals are skeptical of just holding liquid paper assets, and they want to assist customers in making sure their portfolios are protected from economic damage.

The quality reputation that U.S. Money Reserve has with the general public comes from the Federal Government experience of Philip N. Diehl as the leader of the U.S. Mint Director. The U.S. Money Reserve has experts in legislative policy as its head, and so can advise new customers on what decisions the Federal Government might make that would adversely affect their portfolio.

U.S. Reserve is happy to help its clients protect against disastrous currency devaluation that results when a country can no longer pay its bills. Since the American government currently has a debt north of $19 trillion, the general public is wise to consider buying more precious metals.

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The Versatile And Accomplished Businessman, Dick Devos

Dick DeVos is a talented and committed man who started working at an early age. Being the son of the co-founder of Amway Corporation, he sharpened his entrepreneur skills and rose to be very successful. The father of four was born in 1995 in Michigan and is a graduate of a degree in Business Administration from Northwood University. In 1974, he worked in Amway Corporation where he held various positions such as sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, research and development. The Amway family business is a distributor of consumer goods like personal care, health and household. He became the vice-president of the company in 1984 where he was accountable for operations in 18 countries. Dick led the firm in opening new markets and raising the international sales.

He left Amway in 1989 to start his company, Windquest Group, an investment management firm in manufacturing and technology sectors. He is the current president of the company. In 1991, following the acquisition of Orlando Magic by Devos family he became the CEO and president of the franchise. Dick later rejoined Amway as President of the company and led its restructuring to Alticor Corporation. During his tenure as president, the firm expanded operations in 50 countries. He retired from Alticor in 2002 to concentrate with Windquest Group. In 2006 he ran for Governor of Michigan where he sought to address unemployment and the economy. He is involved in education and activism. Between 1990 and 1992, Dick was on Michigan’s Board of Education. The Aviator is currently the chair of West Michigan Aviation Academy, an institution he founded.

He was the co-chair of Education Freedom Fund in 1992 and also co-chaired ‘Kids First!Yes!’ Campaign Committee. Dick is vocal in the community well being and in 2012, he was involved in public debates where they argued about unions. He is currently the co-chair of Grand Action Committee. The author of New York Times Bestseller, Rediscovering America, is the chair of Regional Air Alliance and vice chairperson of Willow Creek Association. Dick serves on many boards some include, board of directors Willow Creek Association, Grand Valley State University, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Spectrum Health System and in the governing board of Orlando Magic. Dick DeVos is a versatile businessman and entrepreneur. Other than business, he is involved in numerous philanthropic acts in collaboration with his wife, Betsy DeVos. He is a sailor who competes in the world’s longest freshwater race and has two national titles and other victories.

Stephen Murray: An Excellent Leader For CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray worked in the finance sector for a very long period of time. In fact, he had been in the field since the 1980s, giving him more than 25 years of experience prior to his unexpected death in the spring of 2015.

Stephen Murray was educated at two prestigious colleges. His undergraduate education took place at Boston College, where he studied economics. The second part of his education took place at Columbia Business School, where he received a Master’s in business administration. During his college years, he truly showed academic excellence. As an alumnus, he donated sizable amounts of money to both of these schools and was on Boston College’s board of trustees.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began his career with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as a student intern in 1984. Then, in 1989, the company formally hired him as part of Manufacturers Hanover Equity branch. This branch of the company, taken over by Chemical Bank, a very successful bank holding company, performed many important functions for the firm. Within that new company, Stephen Murray continued to have a very successful career.

In 1996, Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation merged. Stephen Murray moved up the corporate ladder during 2005, when he became the head of buyout business for JP Morgan Partners. However, it was in the following year that CCMP Capital was created. Murray played a large role in creating this company, which assists with the management of many major companies. The following year, he became the company’s CEO.

Stephen Murray also was a donor to multiple philanthropic organizations, such as The Make A Wish Foundation. In addition to making generous donations, he also served important functions on the organization’s council.

Additionally, Stephen Murray had an active family life, with a wife and two children. He has been very deeply missed by all of his family and others whose life he has touched.

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Financial Expert George Soros Is Putting His Money To Work To Get Clinton Elected

It’s safe to say that billionaire George Soros is a passionate and focused individual. When Soros believes in something, he jumps in with both feet and his money comes with him. Over the last 30 years, Soros has donated more than $13 billion to nonprofit groups that defend human rights. Soros’ Open Society Foundation has locations in more than 20 countries around the world, and Soros spends a great deal of time promoting democracy and human rights in those countries. Soros is also dedicated to the Democratic party in the United States. George arrived in the States in the 1950s after graduating from the London School of Economic with a degree in philosophy. He immediately went to work on Wall Street, and he learned the investment business. In 1992, a Soros hedge fund bet that the United Kingdom would be forced to devalued the pound sterling because of the introduction of the euro. Soros was right. His hedge fund made over $7 billion on that bet, and he made a $1 billion commission. Ever since then, Soros has been called the “man that broke the Bank of England.”

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Soros is on a new mission this year. He has Donald Trump in his crosshairs, and he wants to make sure Hillary Clinton defeats him. George Soros has donated $25 million to get Clinton and other Democrats elected, and people close to him say Soros is willing to donate more if needed. Soros said Trump is doing the work of ISIS, and he has no business being president. Soros felt the same way about George Bush in 2004, and he spent $27 million to stop Bush from getting reelected, but that didn’t work. He doesn’t want to relive another disaster like that one, so he is spreading his donations around. Several super PACs that support Clinton and other Democratic candidates have received very large donation from Soros on Bloomberg. Most of those donations are $5 million or more, but some of the state and local Democratic groups have received less than that amount.

George Soros has been extremely vocal about the issues in China, Europe, and the Middle East. He believes the European Union is very close to a major meltdown because the UK is leaving the EU, and the migration crisis is going to cost the EU billions. Greek and other member financial issues at, as well as unrest about terrorism and border closing, are tearing the Union apart.

But even though Soros is focused on what’s happening in Europe, he is still concentrating on the U.S. election, and he is changing his trading strategy to protect his enormous assets. Soros recently returned to trading and sold 35 percent of his stock holdings and bought a large number of shares in gold related stocks.

Devco Loans, Construction Jobs And Old Communities In New Jersey

The new story in New Jersey is about old communities being altered with construction and modern development plans. The Press of Atlantic City has listed reports in the past, and Devco is moving into several New Jersey cities where development is critical for survival. This article offers an overview of how an old community becomes new with Devco, construction jobs and a renewed purpose.
#1: Renewing The Purpose Of A Community

There are quite a few communities across the eastern seaboard that are completely dilapidated. Every building is burned out, and the jobs have left and the people left behind have nothing. Construction jobs created with Devco loans will begin to infuse tax money, people and ideas into the community. Devco does not offer a quick solution, but they do offer proven results.

#2: Creates Jobs To Go With Buildings

Every new structure built with Devco loan money will bring new jobs. Management, industrial, retail and maintenance jobs are required to manage just one building, and Devco plans to create hundreds of jobs in every project that may be filled by unemployed citizens. Citizens who are have been stuck in the same place for some time will have a new job, better wages an possibly a new place to live.

#3: An Influx Of Construction

Businesses in the area may sell the raw materials for building a new Devco project, local construction workers will have steady employment and the projects will continually build for years at a time. The Devco loan will go so far as to create a brand new community that is virtually-unrecognizable.

Devco provides loans around New Jersey where they are needed for construction and new community development. They are dedicated to New Jersey, and they are happy to work with a city that wishes to make a substantive change.


A Look At The Charities The DeVos Family Funds

The DeVos family of Grand Rapids, Michigan has become one of the top donors to conservative causes and faith based Christian right organizations. This family now is on par to be as big a donor and as influential as the Koch Brothers, the Bradley family and the Coorse family. The source of the fortune of the DeVos family is the direct selling and marketing company Amway which was co-founded by the elder Richard DeVos in his Grand Rapids, Michigan basement.

Here is a short list of what groups and causes the DeVos family funds and backs. The family backs anti-union policies at the state level and tax breaks at the state and federal level. Conservative think tanks are a major benefactor of the DeVos family. They include the American Enterprise Institute, The Heritage Foundation and the Council For National Policy. Additional groups the DeVos family funds is the Acton Institute, the National Organization For Marriage, the Federalist Society, Americans For Prosperity, Focus On The Family and Mackinac Center For Public Policy in Michigan.

Who Is Dick DeVos?

Dick DeVos or Richard DeVos Jr. is one of the many children of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos Sr. Richard DeVos is currently the president of the Windquest Group. This is a holding company that owns and operates many DeVos family ventures and investments. Windquest Group primarily looks after holdings in Michigan but also has holdings across the United States as well.

Richard Devos Jr. or Dick DeVos also served as president of Amway Corporation for a time before stepping down to become the president of the Windquest Group instead. His brother Douglas is the current president of Amway right now instead. Dick DeVos even served as chairman of the Orlando Magic for a time, before stepping down. Another brother Daniel DeVos is now the chairman instead of him at the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. Dick’s wife Betsy was a former chairwoman of the Republican Party in Michigan and also serves as a chairwoman at the Windquest holding group.

The Philanthropy of Dick DeVos

Dick and his wife Betsy are major patrons of the arts, education and faith based charity groups. He and his wife donate to numerous charities through their foundation called the Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation which endows charities with millions of dollars each year. Dick and Betsy donate to the public university located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and help promote charter schools throughout the country. They have donated money to Kennedy Center for the performing arts in Washington D.C. and help organize artistic competitions in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Focus on the Family receives strong endowments from the Dick and Betsty DeVos foundation. The pair also support the funding of homeless shelters in Grand Rapids as well.

How To Choose A Good Reputation Management Company

The president and co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, was given a special award in recognition of his excellent service and contribution in the industry. Mr Darius helped take Status Labs to higher level of success and tremendous growth. And he promised to keep working hard to ensure the progress of the company.

Status Labs has been helping clients address reputation issues and is highly recommended in the industry. The company has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. These professionals have great expertise in all aspects of the reputation industry and are well versed in repairing and managing their clients online reputation.

Business people and companies have a need to hire experts in the field of reputation management. This is because online threats are becoming increasingly rampant nowadays, and if you don’t know what is being said or posted about you you can suffer tremendous negative effects. It is imperative that you keep track of your profile and know what people are saying about you or your business.

It is essential for every person to have the ability to manage how they are viewed on the internet. People often believe the information they find online and if that content is negative, it can have a devastating impact on you or your business. Customers and clients will not want to deal with you or trust you.

That’s where Status Labs can help. Numerous people around the world rave about the top quality service they have received from the professionals at Status Labs. Although there are many firms that provide reputation management online, not all reputation management firms are created equal. It is absolutely necessary to do your research before choosing a company to provide this vital service. You want to make sure you will have a team of qualified experts on your side.

With Status Labs handling your online reputation issues, you will not have to involve yourself in time-consuming tasks. The company has efficient system in place to monitor and report any threats and ensure that everything is handled appropriately.

A Leader and His Financial Empire

David Osio began his road to success in the financial service industry at the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela. Upon graduation in 1981, David Osio started in a high- profile position as the president and CEO of OPED Enterprise which specialized in the export of coffee. In the beginning stages of his career, David Osio gained extensive experience working in marketing and banking law, and quickly became an influential name in the banking and financial service industries. After overseeing extensive financial portfolios of elite clientele as Vice President of Banco Latino International, David Osio made the decision to venture out on his own. Osio wanted to develop a business dedicated to providing financial advice to the same elite clientele he had been working with, and in 1993 he fulfilled his dream by creating the first financial advisory company in Venezuela.

As CEO of Davos Financial Group, David Osio is a renowned and accomplished professional in the industry of financial services. Founded by David Osio in 1993, Davos Financial Group is an experienced group of both independent and licensed companies, who pride themselves on delivering expert asset management and financial advisory services to high-end and select clientele. When David Osio originally founded Davos Financial Group, the company was the first and only business in Venezuela dedicated to providing expert financial advice to the public, and Osio has since expanded his financial empire by moving into Geneva, New York, Miami, and Panama. Due to the excellent performance and achievement of David Osio’s endeavors and financial contributions to the communities close to his heart, his has achieved multiple awards including; Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Movers and Shakers 2009, Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider, 2014 Miami Consulting Firm Award Winner, and many more public achievement and service awards. David Osio, Davos Financial Group, and Osio’s business endeavors have generated success and charitable contributions to communities all around the world. David Osio furthers his charitable contributions to the community by providing financial support to his personally selected charities, the Wayuu Taya Foundation and the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela.

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